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The Poincianna Florida Targeted Individual Shooter Was Just A Blip On The Radar

2015-10-11_13-51-50Everyone knows that Myron May was the FSU shooter who was tortured until he had a psychotic break and shot three people in the Stroser Library on the Florida State University in Tallahassee Florida.  But how many know of the Poincianna Florida Shooter Stephen A Bradley on April 27, after Myron May.  Here are the headlines of the local paper, but you probably never saw them because it was a blip on the radar and quickly forgotten. Continue reading →


The Poincianna Florida Targeted Individual Shooter Was Just A Blip On The Radar

2015-10-11_13-51-50Everyone knows that Myron May was the FSU shooter who was tortured until he had a psychotic break and shot three people in the Stroser Library on the Florida State University in Tallahassee Florida.  But how many know of the Poincianna Florida Shooter Stephen A Bradley on April 27, after Myron May.  Here are the headlines of the local paper, but you probably never saw them because it was a blip on the radar and quickly forgotten. Continue reading →

NTT Torture Log for September 2015

May 2015 infection

I have had numerous infections. This one was from May 2015 infection. I have had STAPH infections continuously since December of 2014. This is weaponized bacterial (STAPH in this case) infection. It is given and made worse remotely. Ask me about it. I am quite sure of this chemical delivery system and how it works to deliver micro amounts of chemicals, bacteria, virus, etc.

I live in 94235 first street,  Unit E  gold beach Oregon.
Unit E is the house that’s set far back from the road, overlooking the park


I am quite sure that Handlers live in 94227  and the 94235 apartment building next door.  You can prove this to your satisfaction by using a directional meter like the one i use on my android cell phone.  There are alway high powered directed energy (focused) signals coming from one or both of the places mentioned. Check it out.

Thursday Sept. 3
3:07pm  I feel my left cheek is vibrating.  The muscle itself is vibrating as if there is a TEMS unit attached to it.  I still have an active infection in that spot.  They are doing something to cause active STAPH infection to flourish in-spite ANTI-BIOTIC treatment going on in real time.  Apparently these people can overcome treatment of the infection via Directed Energy.  This is very much like the purpose of keeping an infection active to thwart treatment and overcome the target to kill or disable.  This was thee purpose of the TUSKEGEE SYPHILIS EXPERIMENT.

Sept. 4
its 3:36am and my handler is keeping me up with torture. He is at 94227 next door (house).  i put sheet metal 4×8 roofing sheets with neodymium magnets stuck to one side around my bed.  This has cut way down on the radiation. It is good to do that for a reason you may not have thought of.  It isnt perfect, in that it doesnt stop all radiation but stopping any of it is better than none.   The handler next door waits until i get back into bed to try again due to the three stooges effect.  That is he wants to get the biggest high five he can get out of it.  He is bored and has to stay up so he wants to play a little cat and mouse.  🙂  s t u p i d. pathetic is a pretty good word too. this person has no life of his own.  He doesn’t like himself.  there is no self respect … he is a big ZERO.  This torture is how he tries to bring that zero all the way back up to 0.67 out of 100.

Bullying as Art, Abuse as Craftsmanship

in addition to attenuating or blocking some of the energy aimed at me, it forces the handler to turn up the power and throw everything he has at the problem.  This makes him careless and the amount of energy he is transmitting i am sure is more than twice what he would if I had no shielding.  This is important for psychological reasons and also the reality of someone can now measure strong radiation coming from the house rather than light.  He is trying to show me that I am wrong and that he is unpredictable and all knowing and all powerful.  But you know that they are cowardly traitors.  The corporations now run the country and make the laws.  This certainly is no surprise to this handler.  He knows he betrayed the American people.  He is also greedy and cant stop even though he knows i am right.

5:44am  I have been up all night deprived of sleep for days now.  my existence is up for grabs.  The moron torturing me wants to play and is giving me gas like he is having a good old time.  Just like he is going to get the biggest HIGH FIVE EVER. You know, the one he has been waiting forever to get.  AHILK (GOOFY says).  To these morons, I am not a man and my existence is negotiable.  I get very prolific when the morons get like this.  Many of these people are Narcissists and these high fives would be equivalent to Narcissist Supply.
My thumbs are very sore from being hurt with the resonance beam weapon and its as though they are weak.  Also, the handler hurt my right inner ear going through the top of my head with the resonance weapon.  I have difficulty opening bottles or doing anything that requires grasping.  The handlers are always practicing their stealth injuries on me even though I know what they are doing.  They are practicing because many of them handle people who are UNWITTING (DONT KNOW THEY ARE TARGETED).  I was unwitting at least from 1990 to 2010.  My thumb joints needed to be replaced due to arthritis supposedly and yet I had no arthritis anywhere else on my body.  So my thumbs got burned along the way and I didn’t even realize that it was private contractors that had me under second by second surveillance.  This can happen to anyone because there is nothing special about me.  Look, there is big money in human experimentation.  The corporations have decided to farm the citizens for to test their products on and I was chosen.  The corporation doesnt care who I am.  It only cares that I am human, you see (simple).

The map on my web site shows my house two doors to the right so the map is incorrect.  My house is the one overlooking the park.  It is set way back from the street.  Larry Hering lives in the house next door and another handler has rented an apartment on the opposite side of me.  You see, its like I always say, it is your neighbors.  They either become corrupted or move in to adjoining spaces.  They are after LINE OF SIGHT and close proximity access to the target.  I think the one with the best access is given priority.  So Larry is like the Marlborough man here.

10:23pm  another evening past.  My handler is trying to show me that he is the dominator.  Yet I show that I will not do what is expected to the point of my death.  My right thumb joint is beginning to make crackling sounds like the joint is blowing out.  Maybe that is the best thing  that can happen since it was already replaced once already.  maybe it will look damaged extra judiciously when I am in surgery.  I need the evidence to put these people away.  Its odd how I have always been the way i am, that I will not be subjugated.  Yet they continue to beat me up every night teaching me lesson after lesson after psychopathic lesson.  Thinking I can imagine that this is the big HIGH FIVE NIGHT that I will finally have a psychotic break and then they can get some real torture in to me.  This has been going on for over five years.  When the same thing happens day after day then sane people would think that today is another day like yesterday with no cooperation.   It proves they really like beating me up electronically with torture obviously they like torture and think its fun.  They enjoy the excitement of the chase and must be disappointed I will not fulfill their wildest HIGH FIVE WET DREAMS.
If our Congressmen and Senators were not bought and paid for by the corporations they would help people who are being tortured to death in their homes.  The American Empire is crumbling.  We now have moron stooges corraling us and soon it will be into FEMA camps.  I for one will not be going to any FEMA camp.
The reality is that now they are beginning to see the writing on the wall.  Its too late to get me into a mental ward because many others would be following me like they followed Tyrone DEW.  People are starting to read my web site and look forward to the next installment of No Touch Torture LOG.  I am an innocent citizen and I have rights.  the lawmakers are all corrupt to the core and need to be fired.

11:44pm this handler had to come in the shower with me and torture my thumbs.

12:33am  My handler is now hurting me with a resonance weapon into my stomach.  This feels like a stomach ache.  When can Patriots pay them a visit.

1:23am  my thumbs are being injured repeatedly.  This is a psychotic beak tactic.  there is a shock of energy that freezes my thumb.  It is a shock really because damage  is done in an instant.  The pain afterward is from the bruise or inflammation. For now I can only grasp something with my fingertips to palm.  The thumbs are too bruised and inflamed to use.  This is focused and resonant energy that is hurting me.  it seems to go through tissue it doesn’t resonate with.  But why do they give unregulated access to psychopaths.  Would it not be expected to be abused in that case.

4:30pm  my handler has been hurting me all day by zapping my strength with EM waves.

1:00pm  My handler was hurting me with a resonance weapon as I was having sex with my girlfriend.  These people can interrupt sex at any time.  I have had this demonstrated to me in real time.  I know my body and this is direct manipulation of a persons sexuality to inhibit sex.  Why do you think our government would give psychopaths energy weapons?  Is this what we want our country to be like.  These people act like policemen/bounty hunters.  They hunt us down like bounty hunters and harass us like they are police.  What gives.  am i a criminal, then arrest me.  But they are hurting me in my home.  Is torture really now an accepted part of the American police state.  The president says We Dont Torture, but we really do.  But why do that to people and who would do that to anyone?  What have I done to deserve this.
You have to come to grips with this problem of targeting the citizens with electromagnetic radiation.  What is the purpose of it if not to subjugate.  I am the subject of painful experiments.  This will kill me.  So is it murder?


4:32am my handler has beaten up me and my 70 year old girl friend all night with radiation.  This after intruding into and interrupting sex.  Even as I write this he is beaming my typing arm as if I am the coward.  This is a weak non man thug parading as a patriot.  Imagine this Troll coward sitting in front of hi computer monitor like a wretched little ugly Gollumised troll as in the Hobbit .  This person is  sadistic as I compare to others who do this job.  Are they supposed to interrupt se like that and inflict themselves into every movement?. It seems drawn to sexual mutilation as flies to honey.  It’s hurting my stomach again so I will lay back down and try to protect my girlfriend and ride it out.  God help us!?..


11:27am My handler is irradiating me with microwave energy.  I can feel it mostly in my legs and my groin.  I just found out that I have erectile dysfunction.  OOOH is that a touchy subject.  Maybe it shouldn’t be because many TI’s I believe have this issue due to the constant bombardment of electromagnetic frequencies to TI’s..  This is compounded in males because of the way the handlers energize the male body.  They energize the body right up through the body core.  That is between PUBIC area to Head area.  The Energy flowing through the body core comes from energy at the head or energy at the pubic area.



1:13pm  I have to use the term moron to describe the people torturing me.  according to the dictionary consensus the word moron describes a mildly retarded person.  I guess the three stooges also come to mind.  This is the area of stupidity that you run across when the word stupid just wont do.  There is no reason for torture and its against the law if you listen to the president.  The private contractors torturing me and thousands of others are testing electromagnetic weapons on people and they think it is a job.



5:00pm Karen Dobson and Larry Hering came to my door.  Karen did almost all of the talking and Larry was there as an observer or witness.  He answered questions but did not talk other than that and he was very reserved.  Karen was telling us she is a targeted individual (TI).  She is writing a book but there is nothing about her on the internet.  She says she is a lawyer and acts like one yet she is not on line.  How can she research anything or talk to anyone new or find out anything about TI’s..  She doesn’t even know about FreedomFCHS.COM or Derrick Robinson.  Every TI knows this yet she does not and can’t talk to the mass of TI’s who congregate there…. HUH… writing a book without knowing or talking to TI’s..

My room mate told me that she talked to a friend at a store who said Karen came up to her and asked:

  1. Have you heard of mind control
  2. Do you know of my room mate (naming her)
  3. she asked if she knew where she could find VERY wealthy men in Gold Beach (strange huh)
  4. she said she was writing a book about TI’s

Isnt what she is doing the same as causing major doubt about an individual.  This is what the perps do causing our neighbors to be leery of us.    Now as I am updating this information my handler is hurting my brain with ELF energy.  If you can imagine this weird little troll sitting at a computer monitor watching a thermal image of me and torturing me by guiding their “Weapons” to hit the mark where they point the mouse cursor.  This is what is paid big money to neutralize political activists in America.  They work for a Corporation and are told what to do and they follow orders to the letter.  this program does the following

  1. provides a way of getting rid (neutralizing) enemies of the state, aka activists.  essentially someone who complains about their government is a demonstrator and at the same time an enemy of the state.
  2. USAF contract DEBR won by United Technologies is testing directed energy weapons on people.  They would  get no volunteers yet they don’t need any because they have a captive audience of non-consensual targeted individual test subjects.
  3. Other test programs like the presidents brain initiative and DNA research are also part of the deliverables for research on TI’s.


8:41pm  There is a moron across the park from me hurting my thumbs as I try to repair a Microsoft controller.  I am sitting on the couch in my house straining to see and my hands are still throbbing from the thrashing the moron gave me the last time.   I worked all my life and pay my bills, Rent, give to charities and here at the age of 63 years, I have a young punk in the comfort of his home earning extra money and jerking off to hurting my hands with an electronic weapon.  Imagine that punks can hurt people from behind walls and across distances.  The moron is beaming my head and it feels like a knife sticking into it.  There is no self respect and the moron hates himself or he would not hurt other.  what kind of malignant thoughts are going through this persons head.  He or she wants to hurt me and I am nothing but a disposable creature here for their enjoyment.



report to oregon militias outlining government crackdown of dissidents via CTTL



6:53pm as I make supper, the handler at this time is hurting my thumbs and this feels like a knife is being stabbed into my thumb joins.  Remember I had my thumb joints replaced in 2010 and the damage was before I was targeted.  Only after I was targeted did i realize that my thumbs were targeted by directed energy weapons to test the effects.   See USAF Directed Energy Bio-Effects Research (DEBR) contract awarded to General Dynamics in 2013.  Directed Energy weapons are tested on stress points throughout the human body.  This testing is done (INVIVO) directly on live human trafficking test subjects.





My handler has come to the end of their shift again failing to pull off their syops to make me and my 70 year old room mate have a psychotic break.  we have been harassed all day.  I have had scalar or ELF energy hitting my head from at least two directions.  This is uncomfortable and raises my blood pressure plus other cruel effects.  My room mate and now girlfriend has been harassed with her handler moron using their weapon as a tool of electronic rape all day if you can imagine that.  These people interrupt sex and join in for their high five pleasure. Can you picture my 70 year old girlfriend asking my why morons are raping her electronically.  I just say that we must hold on for the good people to wake up and help us.  I am contacting militia in Oregon to see if they will assist us in stopping this violation of our unconstitutional and god given rights.  We ask the police to help but they have shown that they are nothing but order followers and are not working for the people.  They should just quit their jobs.  Patriots want to take their place.  we no longer can put up with the blue wall of silence.  Some good police will follow their conscience and will not follow unconstitutional orders.

we know that the private military contractors doing this are nothing but order followers and will target militia member too when  the order is given.  Militia member must know that the government will do anything to stay in power and will not hesitate to take them out.

If you want this existing in your communities for your children to grow up in just ignore this.  I am telling you this as a man with college degrees in electronics, biology and computer science.  I know what i am talking about.  Listen to this Pete Santilli show episode about this mind control technology.  This is the one that talks about Richmond California adopting laws to allow police to investigate targeted individuals 911 calls and make arrests of perpetrators.



You must remember that I had to have my thumb joints replaced due to basal joint arthritis.  The key point is that this happened before the torture began for me.  In essence it was before I knew i was targeted, yet the handlers are torturing my thumb joints after the targeting begins.  They use this as a control mechanism to torture test subjects.  This proves they can do it silently.  I had no other arthritis and am otherwise very healthy.  Ruining someones joints basically puts them in virtual disability rendering them unable to work.  Its not a coincidense that this basal joint arthritis coincided with the start of my targeting.  It is both a physical and psychological attack.  As the psyops people say “IT IS BECAUSE PHYSICAL WOUNDS HEAL”.   I am merely reporting what is happening and you need to learn from what I tell you.

7:24pm  The evening shift has taken over the lives of me and my room mate as of 7:00PM.  This person has continued with the head lock of scalar waves or ELF energy.  According to Pete Santilli it is radar like signals coming from a remote location to modulate the victims brain.  The handlers call us subjects and I have also heard we are called a project.  My handler is irradiating my brain to the point of discomfort.  Its the discomfort that the handler is aiming to cause pain and irritation to he or she hopes force me to have a psychotic breakout.  They have had a meeting and in their minds this is the correct course of action to

  1. teach me a lesson which they hope i will learn to stop complaining of my virtual captivity.
  2. once they have the meetings they are resolute and have a united front to torture the subject into submission
  3. They seem to devote a period of time to try their resolution to allow it to work.  In other words they torture the subject so that the pain and fear of torture can have their desired effect.  That is to cause the subject to become despondent and agitated with pain and fear so that the subject gives up all hope.
  4. The period of time seems to be one day or about 12 hours.

They come in to the next shift and torture the subject as if they are one person, kind of.  But they are not the same, they are separate individuals, each with their own personalities and mannerisms.  These people have emanated from a point in time where George Bush started this business in Guantanamo Bay to exude these torturers from all corners of America.  They have some kind of security clearance and are in effect cult members.   It is essentially a sequestered cult due to the constant and immediate electronic connections between them.   This is basically a hive mind where one has the same thoughts as the many.


12:47am I am getting irradiated in the head with ELF energy.  This is very uncomfortable and keeping me awake when I am exhausted.  Why has our government failed us and the people dont do anything about it.  This is their country too.  The government will use this technology on anyone who disagrees with the government.  Its not just me and yet why does it look like no one wants to do anything to save themselves even.  Allowing them to get stronger and eliminate enemies is what they want to happen.  How is not recognizing this a strategy for anything but failure.

Tried to be intimate with girlfriend again and was thwarted.  Im just saying so you all will know when it happens to you.  I would think you would want to know anyway.  I am getting flak from some out there who value my privacy more than I do.  Some things are more important than a little embarrassment.  Some people may realize what I say is true when it happens.  If I am quiet then they would never know..  Im not sticking my neck too far out here.   Its just a word to the wise.

What EVERY “NON Targeted Individual” Should Know

Cast Iron Target (short video definition by NSA Whistleblower William Binney)

I was Targeted back when I worked for Lockheed Marten Marietta Energy Systems as an employee, from 1990 to 1995.  I believe the Continue reading →

The Mass Shootings Keep Happening Because Targeted Individuals Are Being Tortured

Mind Control induced mass shootings in America

[niceyoutube id=”OD7Fhr7RTBk”  autoplay=”1″] You may or may not be surprised to hear that some mass shootings have been perpetrated by Targeted Individuals (TI”s).  TI’s are driven to a point where they can no longer take the pain of weapons testing (aka Torture).  They then suffer a break with normalcy where they will do anything to stop the Torture.   Myron May was the FSU Shooter and a self admitted Targeted Individual and under Extreme Second By Second Surveillance by an ongoing heinous and illegal CIA program.  This program is a continuation of the illegal MKULTRA and COINTELPRO programs.  We need to end this extremely invasive and horrific programs.  This extreme surveillance is electronic in nature, unfriendly and characterized by targets as Mind-Rape and Torture.  Myron May was considered a CAST IRON TARGET defined as a target which necessitates second by second monitoring by a live person remotely.  Continue reading →

DOD Contractors Are Doing A Psychological Operation On YOU, As In A Screen Play

I couldn’t sleep and was being kept up all night during second by second surveillance.  This surveillance is for Human Experimentation and not Security.  No one would watch anyone like that in the name of security.  Think about it; what purpose would it serve?  If I was that dangerous They would arrest me.


Continue reading →

DOD Contractors Are Doing A Psychological Operation On YOU, As In A Screen Play

I couldn’t sleep and was being kept up all night during second by second surveillance.  This surveillance is for Human Experimentation and not Security.  No one would watch anyone like that in the name of security.  Think about it; what purpose would it serve?  If I was that dangerous They would arrest me.


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No Touch Torture Log for 5-24 to 6-1, 2015



The Jews in prewar Germany were being bullied and beaten up in the streets before the killing got started in 1934.  The police state there was similar to the way things are now.  If I complain too loud I am put in a mental ward.  No one cares and no one wants to get involved, just like the German people in 1934.  If they only knew Hitler would start killing people in just 2 years would they have cared.  The momentum is there for this to go all the way to what Hitler did in Germany, yet you will just let it happen because you dont want to get involved.  These PMC handlers are the THUG class who intimidate, and bully for their corporate bosses.  They do everything they are told because the men in the white coats know everything.  Well its up to you and I am depending on you.  We all are didn’t you know.  Don’t wait until it is too late.  I know you just want to get back to your life.  It really is over but you wont believe it nor will you know it until it really is too late.

May 25, 2015

3:24pm my handler at 94227 next door is hitting me with what seems like ELF radiation to cause pain to my heart and in my arms and body.  Its very obvious to me that I am being radiated with energy and not just imagining this.

This person wants to take this torture for a spin and see what this baby can do to hurt this old man. I was getting chest pains and pains in my left arm and at the same time sweat poured off me. This torturer must have been having a wonderful time. You know they really want to see some running around and outbursts. My arms are hurting again so this person is not done with me. It funny how they think they need to teach this old man a lesson because I just dont like being tortured.  Maybe they think I will like it more after the lesson?  It hasn’t happened yet, but aren’t they supposed to be experts and they are told what to do by men in white coats so they must know what they are doing.

6:44pm  The PMC torturing me now is a stand in for the normal torturer.  its a good thing for them that America loves torturers..  This person is at 94235C first street.  There is also a signal coming from a house diagonally across the street.

This person wants to take this for a spin and see what this baby can do to hurt this man.  I was getting chest pains and pains in my left arm and at the same time sweat poured off me.  This torturer must have been having a wonderful time.  You know they really want to see some running around and outbursts.  My arms are hurting again so this person is not done with me.  It funny how they think they need to teach this old man a lesson because I just dont like being tortured.  These people are sleaze bags.   The person who is moving in has put their weapon in the UHAUL moving truck.  So there is no doubt about it now.  Little by little the facts come out.  I wonder if they think the $500 bucks they tried to swindle me out of will keep me living in this house.  I also wonder what they will do if I move out. Will they stay living where they are or move out.   There are all these questions and no one has the answers.

may 26, 2015

sometimes when there is a new torturer PMC handler and they get the idea that the TI has to be broken because they think they are a human being.  This is a problem for the torturer because in order to torture someone they have to depersonalize them and also get the human to believe they are not a person and therefore not deserving of respect or rights.  I am not familiar with the mental state or moron coping mechanisms.  I am a person and I am a man and not some moron stooges paycheck.  You have to keep ascerting yourself as a person and it definitely take a few iterations because you are dealing with a Corporate stooge who wants to obey his order no matter what.  But they will get the message.  They always get the message.  I will not be subjugated by a retarded corporate stooge.  I am a human being with rights that I was born with and no corporation is going to take those rights away. Lets teach the corporate stooges that we are human beings with rights in tact.  It is they who will learn to respect others because it is obvious they are in need of isolation from society because they are a danger to others.

May 27, 2015

4:03pm  I have a stomach pain now due to a resonant energy beam focused to my stomach.  Right now there is energy focused at me from next door 94227.  Deborah and I went outside to talk to Dave the landlord.  He said he wouldn’t charge me for what he called rags in the drain.  I am getting a crushing pain above my left wrist again in my forearm.  I wonder if the heart attack symptoms I felt the other day will be an ongoing theme.  This was done with directed energy.   This is new to me here, but has happened to me at other locations as can be seen.  Barbara Howerton is a new handler living in 94235C second floor apartment next to my driveway.  I guess the last occupant moved out.  Actually I think it was Ethan and another man.  They still may have it held over from before and they share the expenses as it is a platform for one of their energy weapons.


May 31, 2015 Sunday

PMC thugs put the painful radiation to my left knee.  You know there are over a million of these thugs who are willing to do the unsavory bidding of the corporations who hire them.  It is so unsavory to actually torture people and yet these corporate thugs torture with aplomb and a doff of their hat and often manage to actually enjoy their work.  For these are the bottom feeders who want what their victims have because they are as greedy as the corporations.  These PMC thugs can afford to be generous to the lower level bottom feeders (stalkers) who are greedily waiting for scraps from the PMC’s money troughs.  It must be remembered here that there is a hierarchical pyramid of what is referred to as the thug class, the top level of which is the PMC handler.  But there is a myriad of lower level street thugs willing to do the dirtiest work of all for only a pittance because that is what they are used to.  But these thugs have no knowledge of history.  For if they did, they would realize that after all the killing dirty work is done, the employers and the rich still know of the existence of the thug classes.  In times gone by, they have always realized that it is these people who can expose what they have done and these thugs are after all very greedy indeed.  This is why in times past, the thug class was actually killed off to clear their conscience or to avoid messy legal trouble made by cries of unfairness from the thug class members.  It is fine for the corporations to do whatever they have to do, and yet they don’t want a bunch of greedy bottom feeders waiting around to take the illegal gains after the dirty work is done.  I am just noticing what Hitler did, which was so aptly named “Night Of The Long Knives” where he murdered those thug leaders to who he had made promises.  He not only didn’t want to honor those promises but also he didn’t want them around to remind anyone else.  It doesn’t seem so odd that the thug class would be aware of history however which is why the ending seems so fitting.  The thug class will act very surprised and offended when end comes.  The top level of bottom feeders are cleaned out leaving the lower levels who will fear retaliation and don’t know enough to be dangerous anyway.

NTT Torture Log for June 1, 2015

11:57pm I am being irradiated by my private military contractor handler in 94227 house next door for hours all evening.  I was trying to help a friend who is driving from California and my head was being hit with radiation making it hard to think what I should do.  These people will not leave me alone even while I tke a shower or go to the bathroom.  I was trying to read in bed and this person was hitting both my arms with an ultrasonic  beam which causes trauma injuries.  In this case it was causing inflammation and pain like fibromyalgia, in my shoulders.  Fibromyalgia simulation is popular with these handlers. currently as I write this, this person is burning my feet with radiation.   They treat me like I am a lab animal and yet i am a 63 year old man fighting for my life in my own house.  This person was hurting my teeth as I ate my supper and hurting my hands as I washed myself in the bathroom.  I am being dosed with a chemical that increases conductivity of my body by facilitating the flow of current over my skin, down through the core of my body and extremities.  I have proven this chemical flies through aluminum foil on its way to being deposited on my body. I know this seems amazing but I am able to show that they are able to penetrate aluminum foil leaving microscopic holes in the foil, on their way to being deposited on me.  However I am not able to prove what makes up the chemicals.  I have degrees in electronics, biology and computer science.  These people are handy with connecting modems, routers and other computer gear.  I believe they are veterans with signals intelligence (sigint) and psychological operations (psyops) training.  This program must be secret and so they would have security clearance for it.  The Military called it.

12:23am I am still awake and my handler is now beaming my hip joint with a resonance weapon to cause pain so I will move. What do you think must be wrong with these people to attack and torture their fellow citizens.  I would say it proves evidence sociopathy or psychopathy because they sit and torture me for hours and hours.  Isn’t it these personality problems that are responsible for predatory pedophilia, rape, murder and other crimes where a victim is involved?

3:57am My handler next door is hurting my right hip again.  Funny how I can be laying in my bed and the neighbor can torture me at will.  Ha Ha ha… I wonder what the local police think when they read this.

President Obama’s Bioethics Advisory Committee Is Covering Up Illegal CIA Human Experimentation

Amy Gutmann is Chairman of President Obama’s Bioethics Advisory Committee.  Up to 900 people Testified, up to 300 at each of three committee meetings, public commentary sessions.  They attested to being subjected to COINTELPRO like organized stalking and being attacked with electromagnetic weapons.  Did she report this testimony to President Obama and he did nothing or is she ignoring it herself and she is not reporting it?   I don’t know, but it is being ignored.   Continue reading →

No Touch Torture Log for Apr. 21 thru 24, 2015

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4:06pm  My handler is in the 94227 house next door.  Hehas been beaming the left side of my face for the last 4 hours.  Surely hecant think Idont know where he is, soi have to assume he thinks Icant do anything nor will he ever be beaten or executed or put into a torture program for his part in torturing people in their homes.  However, he must know his every moved is being watched.


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