NoTouchTorture Log For October 2015

The Umpqua College shooting happened yesterday.   I am researching and reporting on it due to the high prevalence of this type of thing in our society.  I have written why i think this can be fixed but i disagree with the president on how he wants to do it. .  Obama says gun control is the answer to prevent crazy people from obtaining guns.  But I am being tortured in my own home by Private Military Contractors.  The torture turns out to be weapons testing on private citizens so the Air Force can make sure their weapons work.   Its a deliverable on the Directed Energy Bioeffects Research DEBR contract.

I also redid my CTTL article because  told me about an article on CTTL by from 2013 .  Here is the link to my article on CTTL which incorporates the the  new information  I just found out the name BlackBird Technologies Corporation which supports the CTTL technology.  Its funny that I could not find this before, yet now it is searchable and available.

10/2/15  @  11:28am

My girlfriend just left and I am sitting at home trying to write about the UMPQUA shooting and cttl.  But I am being tortured with a pain beam to my left side above my thigh in back.  This is painful and hard to endure to write my truths and take the pain at the same time.  In addition my brain is made cloudy with radiation to disrupt my thinking.   My handler does not want me to write the truth about this.  I was and my girlfriend was also bothered before she left for works.  These morons dont want me to report the truth.  Are people supposed to remain dumb like the morons torturing me?  I have an Associate degree in Biology, Associate Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology and a Bachelors in Computer Science plus appropriate experience which allows me to make pertinent observations about the technology used in the targeting and tracking of people.  I was forced to retreat to my room where i have more shielding than in the living room.  All of a sudden it is even more difficult to stay awake.  That is because of the ELF radiation.

I am laying in bed feeling the burns coming to my chest and arms. My thumbs have been taking a beating lately. They have the ability to put my tendons under immediate shock and pain by inducing them to heat up as if they are being cooked. I guess I seem like more of a threat to the ones who are torturing me lately. I wonder why that is since i am an old man and they have large numbers the faithful with directed energy weapons. I was thinking that they would have to see me as a threat to THEIR country. This old man without weapons. They think im a threat when there are people shooting up schools with weapons. OH but that is a result of the shooter being driven to hurt others by these handlers. Lets just evaluate the intentions of the PMC’s:
– So they are not willing to stop crime
– they may cause their targets to break out and hurt others.
– but they are not willing to take responsibility for this
– no one holds them accountable
– the corporation they work for, says they are supposed to torture me and they don’t question it.
– wouldn’t you think that the PMC’s would have to think I am a threat to their country.
– what do they do when the corporation no longer needs them, when the USA is all destroyed. Do they think they will get jobs and a pension to rebuild it.
– will the people who are left wonder how these people got such nice cars and trucks if they are unemployed?
– would it be like any war torn corner of the universe that killing others is the way to survive.
– can they say that torturing Americans is just a job
– They leave their torturing Americans job at the door when the dinner bell rings.
– they dont see that they are doing to their country what has already been done to other countries around the world.
– If someone with money said to torture your countrymen and kill them as Hitler did I guess they would do it. But they would be sad.
– If the corporation they work for was found to have foreign owners would they say OH, we cant work for you because you are the enemy? we only take orders and accept money to hurt other people from patriotic American Corporations.
– There are militia’s in Oregon who will be the target of these PMC’s

Meanwhile back to reality. I am laying in bed typing on my computer. I hear the snap crackle pop of my handler trying to access my brain with radar. He is an American thought so its OK and he is just doing his job, by torturing and killing me. I am a human rights activist and not a threat to anyone. I help people and dont have any weapons. Yet the Military might of the U.S. has been brought to bear on me because I am on a watch list. I was illegally fired because I am old and worn out. They didnt want me suing the school district I worked for. So I was put in this ungodly program. i guess as long as they see torturing people in their homes as positive for the country, then it must be OKAY. who decides what is positive. How is it possible that hurting people in their homes would be considered normal.

5:09am There is radiation hitting my left foot which is extremely painful right now and is keeping me awake. I saw a new Grey Pick Up Truck in the driveway from Idaho last evening. I am talking about the house to the right of the apartment building next door or two doors to the right of my house. The owner of the PU truck appears to be a man of about mid to late 40’s, balding, beard, black hair about 5’7″. The owner of the truck pulled it inside the garage and shut the door last night.


I feel my eyes are electrified because the salt is conducting electricity and making my eye balls tingle in the corners of my eyes and I still cant sleep. isn’t it weird that these people have demonized me in order to be able to torture me without guilt. I am a 64 year old man who worked all my life. I have 3 college degrees and I always did the right thing when the chips were down. Now I am put in this ungodly torture program and these people just accept it. This is not right because I am an innocent American Citizen. I will not give up my rights and these criminals are guilty of war crimes. What kind of person would take money to torture someone? The thing that folks are missing is that this targeting (CTTL) will be used on the public. My guess is that it will be used on patriots, dissidents and activists. One likely target is to decapitate Militia’s in Oregon and throughout the US really.
These torturers have been left alone so far but when push comes to shove they will forced to target militias and the militias will be forced to take them out. Right now the PMC’s are just following orders, which is what they do. They are really cowards and thugs. People need to recognize that this “Just Following Orders” is the DOMINATOR excuse the Nazi Prison guards gave, but didnt work. The police also need to stop following orders. They need to get out of their jobs or quit their jobs. Put pressure back on the corporations who have seized control of our government.


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