No Touch Torture Log for Apr. 21 thru 24, 2015

-Vl6CgLKdg5QAQAAAA==,eyJmaXQiOjE0MCwic3F1YXJlIjp0cnVlfQ==Tue. Apr 21, 2015

4:06pm  My handler is in the 94227 house next door.  Hehas been beaming the left side of my face for the last 4 hours.  Surely hecant think Idont know where he is, soi have to assume he thinks Icant do anything nor will he ever be beaten or executed or put into a torture program for his part in torturing people in their homes.  However, he must know his every moved is being watched.

How many people have developed a back ache in the last few weeks.  Mine is due to my handler using a directed energy weapons on the muscles of my lower back.  it seems like they just developed this capability or have been requested to do so by their Bosses.  These people are corporate stooges.   lets do something about it.  Let me know via email…  Also let me know if your typing is going so slow that you can type faster than the characters appear on the screen.  This is keylogger activity and you are going through a proxy server to get to the internet.

I’m Just Another of thousands American Citizen In Fight For Life Against PVT Govt. Contractors With Room Tmp IQ’s &Military Weapons

Apr. 23, 2015

7:30pm  I am trying to participate in a public conference call and my handler is hurting me with a resonant prodder.  I am getting sharp pains to arms, hands, neck, etc.  The frequencies are coming from the house next door and the apartment C on the other side of the driveway next door.  I think these people are too dumb to realize they are being used.  They would be called STOOGES in this case.  A stooge is a puppet or tool of some entity.

Apr. 24, 2015

I am receiving extra torture right now.  This person is amazingly brutal.  Im not sure what the agenda is but i am receiving trauma injuries to my forearms, under my lower ribs on left, muscles in my lower back.  I am 63 years old and this person is turning me into a cripple due to pain.  There is no reason to do this to anyone unless you want them to have a psychotic break out.  I believe the man who is doing this to me lives in the house next door.  His name is Larry.


I will have to move from this house in the next two months.

my thumbs and fingers ache like the bones are sore?!  The thumbs always are a primary target of these people.  This one though is torturing in a chaotic way.  He is trying many different things


3:26am My handler is still torturing me at this time, causing gas with a resonance weapon.  the gurgling is loud and like an eruption.  I am watching the Kay Griggs interview and I am seeing the cursor move back and forth as though it is being controlled remotely, and it is controlled remotely.  either i am expected to be afraid or try to stop it which is impossible.  they are connected to my computer at all times, but usually do not let me see evidence of this.


4:17AM  my handler is running a beam weapon across my thigh and it feels like a crushing type injury.  he has moved the weapon down to the first floor of his house 94227 next door.  this allows him to have the beam come under my body because he is now below me.  I think this man is obsessed.  the weird thing is that i know where he is and who he is.  His name is Larry and I believe he owns the house next door.


2:34 pm my left leg is being radiated and it feels like it is vibrating.  This is what they do to keep you down.  Also, I have a beam in my stomach which is making me sick.  I have diarrhea and am also have been receiving a beam to cause gas and extra bathroom visits.  I believe the handlers job is to stifle what I publish and read no matter that it is truthful items about the totalitarian state.  Handlers are paid to stifle dissent of any kind beside their human experimentation agenda.  My task is to be a patriot who disseminates the truth about government corruption.  Unlike the handlers, I work for free and will do my job no matter what fiendish things are thrown at me.  The reason we will win is because the handlers work suppress the people for money and the people fight back for free.


11:12pm I am laying in bed trying to keep my back from being injured and my handler is trying to enforce his right to injure my back.  I think the way this works is if I have an injured back then I will be less inclined to do such subversive things as watching videos on you tube, running daily errands, walking around.  You see this back injury is designed to make me feel old because of the pain involved in getting up from a chair, walking across the floor.  It is designed to work in concert with the thumb injuries, neck injuries, leg injuries, stomach injuries to entice me to either commit suicide or have a psychotic break out.  Well i admit it isnt the ideal way to prevent me from terrorist activities but it is his job in the world.  Yes my neighbor has taken a job torturing people until suicide.  he lives next door 94227 and is about 60 with gray beard, 5’9″, 180lbs and walks with a distinct and pronounced limp.


I think the way this sociopath thing works is that sociopaths will take and take until there is no more to take.  This is a parasitic predatory lifestyle he has going for him and by golly if someone pays him to torture someone in their own home, then he will torture them until someone or something physically stops them.  If you know of anyway to stop them without involving the police I would appreciate the help.  I am willing to pay for advice or help.  Thank you.


Sat. 4, 25 @10:00am

My handler this morning is causing gas by heating the contents of my intestines.  This makes the bacteria work very hard and they produce methane gas and the gurgling is so loud that everyone can hear it.  This makes some people embarrassed.  It is just one of the things that ruins  a persons life, but there are so many more.  There are numerable torture techniques used in this torture until suicide program.  The handlers try to find a torture that the target absolutely hates and then they do that a lot in order to traumatize the target so they will suicide themselves.  The handlers learned this in trauma class and from their sociopathic friends.  They take pride in their torture techniques because torturing people until suicide is their chosen profession.  This handler is also at 94227 house next door to mine and he is much younger. He is in his mid twenties, average height, light hair, heavy set.  He looks nerdy and has an acne probl m.  He probably would have been an IT person if he didn’t have a sociopathic bent.  I am sure his parents and family will be very disappointed in him.  Everybody should be apprised of his new found torturing profession.  He has his whole torturing life ahead of him.  It is of utmost importance for him to remain anonymous so that no one knows where he is or what he is doing.  This is because people would be very angry with him for torturing people until suicide.  He has many people in his life who don’t actually know what he does for a living.  What I am saying may see far fetched but yet these men in 94227 have no visible means of support so whats up with that?


One thing that I find strangely curious is that They never think there will be any retribution for their crimes, or what the sociopathic community calls pay back.  Even though I for one know where they are and post this on the internet.  I attribute this lack of concern to magical thinking.  It is a state of mind in a deteriorating society in which the person thinks everything will be okay and gives the future no more thought. It is similar to religious people leaving everything up to god only in this case they leave the details up to psychopaths.


Sun. Apr 26 6:09am

My back muscles of lower back are being injured on a daily basis.  This is something each handler is aware of and is an expected job for them.  So even though I am 63 years old and have a bad back anyway, these sociopaths want to test these weapons on my back anyway.  It is very sneaky how they turn them on very low and cause inflammation to my lower back.  You should realize that this can happen to you and you would never suspect this was on purpose by sociopaths with energy weapons if they didn’t want you to know.  There are many more unwitting targets who don’t know they are targeted than targeted individuals.


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