No Touch Torture Log for Apr. 7-11, 2015

545168_468170333210595_2090925556_n.jpghandler at 94227 house next door. changed location of torture box to downstairs. They are trying to bully me into compliance. I refuse to cooperate with criminals. I make this known to the ciriminals. Thay are greedy and will do just about anything to keep collecting their blood money.
These people use invasion of personal space to press forward their claim to torture. They will continue taking and taking until there is no more to take if you let them. Do not let these people go. press them at every turn. Do not threaten or report them to police, but let the police know what is happening and give them a dvd.  In other words, tell the police about them in your own time, not theirs. Chances are that as sociopaths, they will have a record and be known to the police already.  The police should see you as not a threat, but if not you can back off without giving them a chance to harm you. They will begin to open up a rapport with you and slowly learn what it is they are doing. Do not force it. Allow the authorities to investigate the sociopaths. If they are typical sociopaths they will have a record and will have been trouble makers so most of the time their background will corroborate your story. let the sociopaths show you how to beat them at their own game. These people are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paper work but they are not smart enough to think for themselves and they know their place. Remember that they are “ORDERTAKERS”. They Think torture is fun and enjoy inflicting pain in people. This is why they were chosen and not for any moral compunction to do good. They are moral reprobates.
5:37 The sociopaths at Larry’s house are hurting my brain and also making my heart skip beats. They are doing this to dissuade me from handing out information DVD’s I guess. I really dont know. They just turned off my cell phone on which I have a meter to measure the energy coming from Larry’s house. Deborah and I met them last Saturday. The two men are in their 20’s. They don’t look like they are dangerous but they are killing me now. They are also trying to keep me from using my meter by crashing it.

handler at 94227 house next door has repositioned his torture radiation source to the downstairs about the center of the house. the handler is entraining my brain causing dizziness, discomfort and a nauseous feeling. It is more difficult to breath and unless concentrating, breathing is more shallow. This is slowly killing me. should anyone want to meet this person or his associate please contact him directly at the house address given. Warning they are sociopaths and cannot be trusted.

3:11am I am being kept tortured to stay awake by the handler. As I was telling my handler when I was brushing my teeth in the mirror. I am just an old man desperately trying to stave off death. I am worthless and a burden on society. I am at the mercy of the corporations and the sociopath handler who watches me and is responsible for my daily agenda of experimentation. Look at how much power my handler has. He is almost like a god, in that he for instance just decided that I was not to use the computer mouse any more today and must use the touch-pad. He used the resonance beam to drain the batteries in the computer mouse. They can do that you know. I was also telling my handler that this take over by the CIA/NSA has been moving at a fast clip and the next phase would probably be the killing will be started. Americans are pretty much putting up with the torture of American Citizens in their homes and therefor would not care if the killing starts. This will be similar to how it was after Hitler took over. It was about 15 years after he took over that the killing started and for America it has been 14 years since 9/11/2001. Hitler first started killing the people who were disabled. It was the disabled that went first in Russia also during Stalins’ reign. So it will probably be the disabled here to go first. I was telling my handler that the corporations are in charge now and everyone is considered disposable. The flow of money to the corporations must never be interrupted and they must be given more tax breaks and more money for what ever they do. It will be an honor to give them our lives if necessary.

6:30am My handler is beaming me with pulsing energy going to my testicles since 1:00am. This is extreme torture. This is about the most vicious and cowardly attacks. My whole body is shaking and my stomach and lower intestines are burning and aching. This person would get torturer of the year. He seems to be angry that I called him a moron. This is exactly why These loosely called people should not be allowed to be near normal people. They are predators and cannot be trusted to do the right thing. Larry is the narcissist in this case. he is also the owner I believe but I will verify that.


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