No Touch Torture Log for Feb. 21-26 2015

I have been kept awake all night and feel like a lab animal. Right now My sinuses and nasal passages swell up as soon as I put my head down. I feel like I am drowning in mucous which flows profusely from my sinuses as if I have a bad cold, although my nasal passages are extremely dry and swollen. I can measure a signal coming from the apt. directly overhead in the back left corner near the door.
The other experiment I am very aware of is the skinner box operant conditioning where they are always trying to use the noise in the form of bassey pounding noise sounds made mostly when I am trying to relax. Although I can protect from that using earphones and playing my own background noise if necessary,

2-24-15 Tue.
2:34am This handler has been hurting my back and my hips with a resonance beam weapon. He seems to be in the condo above me.

My take on the handler situation
Remember that most of the handlers have been doing this targeting before targeting American Citizens in the US. They were in the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars and were using what the DOD calls (CTTL) Continuous Tagging Tracking and Locating to track and kill insurgents. I suppose they are used to killing people. Now that people are getting weirded out by the prospect of handlers targeting them in this manor, maybe there will be some push back. Any pushback would be an improvement. However, I don’t think it will take much to create a stampede.

The handlers are trained in what seems simple but what they are doing has a lot of steps including communications. This seems like a combination of training and experience. I believe they have security clearances and are veterans who were part of the signals intelligence contingent in Iraq. Special forces used this technology and still does. The handlers may have worked for them. It isnt physical work and it does take some limited intelligence. As veterans, it would explain their willingness to do things that would make any normal person cringe. People will absolutely hate people who torture. I think they are thinking that their own feeling of empathy or moral compass tells them that nothing is wrong. This is what a sociopath/psychopath would think, but normal people will be quite amazed and possibly have a lot to say as the blowback continues.

8:37pm Two men arrived in a dept of transportation vehicle and rented two rooms one of which is directly below me. I guess they are just earning some extra money torturing people in their homes. It is always interesting to see the sociopaths. Sometimes they are nonchalant and sometimes they avoid looking at me. They are both average height the one below me is average weight and the one next door is heavy. They are both in their 50’s. I wonder if their boss knows what they are doing.

if asked if they would fire on americans, the answer would be yes they would torture and kill americans from behind closed doors. anonymously
The thing is that they want to get paid for it. They are greedy.

2/26/15 thu.
9:28pm my handler is hurting my left shoulder with a resonance weapon to cause inflammation and pain which mimics FIBROMYALGIA. A doctor diagnosing me would say I have fibromyalgia.  If you have  been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, try putting a strong magnet over the spot (Central Point) where the pain emanates from.   The  wider the magnet (2″ – 4″) the better and see if the condition improves.  If it is due to an energy beam you will notice immediate improvement.  Move the magnet around the pain spot, seeking improvement or complete pain relief.  If you get relief, then your pain is being induced remotely.  The question of WHY this is being done is a great question.  I am sure there is a good answer which has not been forthcoming.
Please do not give amnesty to the people doing this. They know what they are doing and are accepting money as payment. I am staying at the Pacific Reef Motel in Gold Beach Oregon. They should be punished to the full extent of the law. This is flagrant abuse and ignoring the law in return for money.

Fri. 2/27/15  2:55am

I am trying to go to sleep and this handler is actually putting a load on my heart and making my heart pound and my blood pressure go up.    I think it is easy to constrict a major artery with a resonance weapon so the heart has to work harder.  He is also poking me with the resonance beam like it is an electronic stick, over and over again.  These psychopaths think  of all this stuff to injure people.  something  should really be done to reign these people in.


2 responses

  1. I meant to call you and I will try to reach you on Monday, March 2, 2015. Where do you reside, as I have the perps all over my building, as well as across AIA and on either side, besides the drive-bys.


    1. I used to live near where you are, but I live in Oregon now. I guess I gave you my number so call when you get a chance.


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