No Touch Torture Log for Jan 11&12, 2014

Private Government Contractors Track, Hunt and Torture Their Prey Covertly

Private Government Contractors Track, Hunt and Torture Their Prey Covertly As They Are Trafficked By The Government. ITS A PARTY!


First, I am a Targeted Individual.  I am also a Human Trafficking Victim just as surely as any human being who is kept subjugated for the use by overlords to enrich themselves.  I am being irradiated in my hotel room at the Extended Stay America Hotel at 1260 loop rd. in Alameda CA near the Oakland Air Port.  by someone in rm 215 right above my room (115).  The video is a bit long and probably boring so you dont’ have to listen to all of it.  This is supposed to be documentary in nature to log the information about illegal Torture with human experimentation to test directed energy weapons for the Air Force DEBR contract.  I believe this DEBR contract is only one of a number of contracts my handler is reporting data for.  One thing I realized is that someone being tortured cannot be expected to have a professional video, so I gave myself permission to take it slow and pause if I needed to.  Now I see they ruined my video so I did not upload it.  I plays too fast and without sound.



12:05am  Today I am in a Motel 6 in Fremont CA near San Jose.  I have two people with energy weapons on me tonight.  They are always so macho about this and the game plan is always to terrorize me and other TI’s.  one is in 278 across from me and the other in room 303 next door.  The one in 278 is aiming a resonance weapon at my left temple as I am sitting on my bed writing on my computer.  Half of my face and brain feels numb.  This is what happens when psychopaths are given weapons to use on people.  If this is what was wanted by our lawmakers then I guess it is a success.  I am 63 years old and I guess the lawmakers think this is a social security savings to torture me to death.  Why don’t you just kill me outright and save time and money.  The fact is that the men doing this to me are making big money as private contractors torturing people in their homes for money.  I am reading an article about Bill Windsor where he has been put in jail for posting someones name in a tweet.  Bill is an American Hero and anyone who puts him is jail is Corrupt. But isn’t that the name of the game now.  We put innocent people in jail and let the guilty roam free.  At the same time we give weapons to criminals to use against innocent Americans.  What has our country come to.  This is a horrific state of affairs.  It seems like one step before the institution of death squads.  I bet these criminals can hardly wait for the orders to kill their victims.  It looks like I made the mistake of booking a room too far in advance (1 hour) and the private government contractors got here and booked rooms adjacent to mine before I got here.  This is very much a cowards game.  It is like shooting fish in a barrel.  Their sport is to get their prey to run for laughs and lots of high fives.  I’m sure there is lots of drinking involved because they think this is fun sport.


12:45am   From rm#227 beam to left temple.  This must be similar to a kids overnight video game party, except I am the video game.

1:03am  Resonance beam to top and back of head from each psychopathic government contractor.  This is the point where there is mobbing.  They cant resist the power of dominance over their prey as their prey succumbs.  They are in control and now is the time for them to show their manhood.

** The reason I can tell where they are is because I have a directional meter.  Everyone should get one.  I use an Android Smart Phone and the software is free.

**I am a Human Trafficking Victim just as surely as any human being who is kept subjugated for the use by overlords to enrich themselves.

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