No Touch Torture Log for Oct. 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 2014

Note: I can hear the hum of electric frequencies in my head. I dont believe the sound is from my ears because no one else can hear it.
I have college degrees in biology, computer science and electronics engineering technology plus significant work history in each field.  I proved that this chemical electrolyte is used in the way i am reporting.  my symptoms are Miosis or pin point pupils, itching, burning skin, especially the scrotum, loose or runny bowel movements and ear ringing.  These are physical symptoms that go along with observed physical events perpetrated on me by my handler.  I would think people would want to know and mitigate this.  By all means, do not believe me, but prove it to yourself.  My article on chemical electrolyte used on TI’s explains how to prove it to yourself.  If you prove it to yourself, you will be convinced too.  There can be no doubt about for me, that this chemical electrolyte is used on me at least for the reasons I have stated and I am sure there are reasons I dont know about.  For instance the chemical formula would be nice to know because it seems like poison in that it makes me sick and causes the symptoms i mentioned.


5:53am  Sunday
at this time, radiation is coming from behind city shed on clay st. and from residence south on residence. just past 4tav on west.
My handler can quickly switch to a ready weapon  located in multiple residence location around me.  This may seem far fetched, but remotely controlling computers virtually located on the internet is done all the time and is a normal way to access remote locations as though the operator is sitting at the remote terminal..  Of course there may be simpler ways to automate this with software.  My directional meter shows me the direction of a strong EMF source in the direction it is pointing.
6:13am emf now from clay st
6:15am emf now from south east sub div.
handler is using syops to intimidate, confuse the situation, inorder to discredit my analysis.  however he is simply switching or multiplexing the signals from other locations which are all ready positioned and waiting. The meter is fast enough to locate the source and discriminate at least 2 signals within 15 degrees of each
6:25 satellite located nne at 30 deg from center.
the handler doesn’t like that i can locate emf direction, but must deal with that.  I merely record what I see.
6:26am signal flat ne Boing?
i am picking up another satellite 10deg north west of vertical
i must be the only target to dictate allocating more than one satellite to me.  its possible its on load for a syops.  My toes on both feet are burning from microwave emf.  its funny to observe psychopaths collaborate when mobbing a target.  most of their power is in the syops factor.   They are changing the direction of the radiation to discredit me.  I have a directional meter and know where it is coming from.  The Government Contractors give these portable radiation weapons to the neighbors around me.  they probably tell them that i am under surveillance and not that i am getting tortured.  If not then I dont see why people would do this to another human  being.  The Stanley Milgram Experiment data tells that 66% of the people would kill if an appropriate authority figure gave the order.  This is what happened in WWII Germany as can be seen in what the NAZI extermination camp guards did to the Jews.  Are we coming to that.  Killing the US people according to the wishes of our Government?
10-19-14 Sunday
I drove up to Seattle and attempted to evade my tormentors but could not and tried to go to a friends house to sleep.  I parked in the road across the street and tried to sleep in the car but was tortured severely.  I stayed there about 3 hours and finally left.  I decided to drive to Oregon to see what it would be like to live there.  I was tortured all the way as I drove.  There is never any let up, because these Government Contractors follow me around like bounty hunters.  They work for a private company or Corp., but they are under government contracts for brain research and other human experimentation.  They are increasing the radiation greatly as I am writing this paragraph.  it went up double as I wrote Government Contractors above.
I stopped at Costco when near the WA/OR border and cleaned out my car.  Then I drove to a local gas station to use the bathroom.  But when I returned to the car there was a teenage girl looking at me as though I had two heads.  When I returned to the car, I realized it had been broken into and the interior was contaminated with a chemical electrolyte which is used to increase conductivity when deposited on their skin.  Please read my article.  This chemical is applied to people remotely.  I have noticed it is also applied to non TI’s because I have noticed pin point pupils (Miosis) in non targeted people.  They can remote view or see through a targets eyes.   So if you think this doesnt affect you then you will be surprised.  If you have access to something the Government wants to see then you better watch the heck out, because they will target you on an ad-hoc basis.
10-20-14 Monday
I am back from traveling to Oregon the past two days.  I am sitting in the living room and my toes on both feet are burning from microwave radiation.  As i type and am honing in on the main point I am trying to make in a blog post, I can notice the radiation increase tremendously.
The psychopaths doing this can see what i am doing (remote viewing) and adapt their torture of me to overcome my attempts to block their signals.  There is a constant struggle to prevent them from torture/killing me.  They know exactly what they are doing.  This torture can in no way be confused with surveillance because torture something other than surveillance.  These people will be punished.
10- 23-14
I was kept up only half the night last night, which is an improvement.
I had oatmeal this morning and after eating it, after a short while I began hearing ringing in my ears. It was both at the same time, which is a clue that I probably ingested the electrolyte poison.  These people poison me with this stuff all the time.  The symptoms are ear ringing and miosis and loose or runny bowel movement.  They can do this poisoning to anyone at any time, if there is a deposit of it near the target.  I believe they used chemical vapor deposition to ionize or migrate the poison from the depot to the target.
CVD is an off the shelf industrial nano coating or etching microwave process.  It can be done remotely and is what one would expect from clandestine government contractors. I think any chemical or compound mixed with the electrolyte which can survive the ionization process can be placed on the target without their knowledge.  This means it is a clandestine drug or chemical delivery system.
 At the moment, I am resting from painting my bedroom and my handler is beaming me hard on my right forearm.  He is doing this in a painful way that feels like I am being punched repeatedly in the same spot.

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