Repatriation Or Expatriation For The Torturers, Am I Right Or Are The Torturers Right

It used to be that the threat of jail was enough to keep psychopathic people from hurting others.   Now there are
psychopathic people who took jobs torturing and killing people.  I hear they are self employed as private contractors and loving it. The psychopaths who designed the Targeted Individual (TI) torture program expected the Torturers would have a problem being repatriated at the start, but said nothing as they knew it would interfere with their plans.  They knew the new psychopathic torture recruits would be convinced it would continue forever.  As far as the psychopaths were concerned since they don’t consider the consequences of their actions and so will act normally.  So there are about 200K of these handlers now, imagine that and people still don’t know about it.  I thought when this many people knew a secret that it wouldn’t be a secret in short order.  It has been over 13 years now since 911.  Getting back to what happens to torturers though, authorities and police will have no choice but to call for mass expatriation and internment of the torturers.  Many solutions will have been discussed, but only expatriation will be acceptable in the end. I can tell that the torturers have not considered
they would be expected to leave.  In writing this, I am half hoping to wake up some of the torturers so maybe they would quit early.  To them, life is good, life is normal with the torture of people in their homes.  But to the real people, the torturers will be seen as butchers and barbarians.  Normal people have just never been exposed to the ways of psychopaths.  It will be as though they are suddenly thrust into a war, behind enemy lines with all the blood and carnage hastily hidden away from sight.  There wont be enough prozac or time to heal.  This will all come as a big surprise to the torturers of course.   I suppose some of the stalkers will have to go as well.   As I write this my handler is probably reading it and shaking his head laughing I expect. 

 After WWII repatriation was the only choice for the German people, because most were involved, but the normal people are now finding out their Government was hijacked and plotted against them. They will naturally be angry that this happened to blight their country and they will want some kind of retribution. It won’t be so simple as voting Republicans out of office this time, both parties are to blame.  It’s funny in a way because the torturers actually think they are secret agents and torturing people is a real job 🙂  I would love to see them trying to tell a theater full of real people that they are secret agent torturers and torture and murder was just a job,  but that doesn’t matter now and we should all just pretend that the last 13 years never happened.   The torturers and stalkers are in their own little shop of horrors world,  oblivious to everything.  They should think back to when their mother caught them torturing fluffy the cat, what happened then.  Just pretending it never happened didn’t quite cut it then and it won’t cut it now. You need to understand psychopaths to get a grip on this one.  They really don’t see that anything is wrong with this picture and their torture/killing jobs are perfectly fine James Bond type jobs that everyone would like.  You be the judge.  Right now I think my handler doesn’t like what I wrote so maybe you will.

This movie, I Am FISHEAD is about Psychopaths in society, but it is also about how changing from a sick society back to a healthy one.  You should watch it and you will be glad you did.

If you still don’t know what Targeted Individuals are, please click on the following link and read just a little more. Thank You.

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I am psychopath

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