No Touch Torture Log for 6-19 through 6-21, 2014 & Handler for the Police State

I make educated, conservative observations about my captivity because I have training in Biology, Electronics Engineering Technology and Computer Science.  I am trying always to escape, but so far unable to, due to the vast amount of people who are unable to do the right thing.  You must realize that the reason I know about this technology is because my tormentors want me to know and are torturing me.  They could be more subtle and clandestine and they are with other people who do not realize this is happening.  The government is electronically Trafficking and corralling its own citizens in this totalitarian state, now you are either with the police state or with the people.  Like Germany in 1937, they
are rounding up those they would like to get rid of at some point.  I only say this because SOCOM (Navy Seals) use it to track down and kill insurgents (THERE IS NOWHERE TO HIDE).  Next stop the executions i guess

; so we have that to look forward to.  It sounds bizarre, but everything else is in place and if they would torture the citizens, they why wouldn’t they execute them.  They have already done it in a few cases, but just have not told people yet.  Governments always use their capabilities according to Noam Chomsky.

The people doing this are cool about torturing the citizens and I suppose when it comes time for the executions they may be OK with that too.  Some may need assistance though.  They will have a problem getting rid of all the bodies.  The people don’t know that these weapons are capable of causing a heart attack instantly yet.  The handlers have been getting practice with this by stopping my heart every 5 or 10 seconds, for periods of time.  They practice this on TI’s all the time and I suppose they are getting ready for the big moment when the order comes in.  I know it is a big step, but they are making baby steps towards this and it the logical next step after the exhaustive drills they do.  The handlers use ELF energy on the heart until the heart starts to fibrillate and then when the heart beat skips/stops, they remove the energy and allow the heart to resume beating.  For the real thing they would not remove the ELF energy and the heart stays stopped for good.  It is almost instantaneous and the person goes to sleep.  The post mortem reveals death from heart attack by natural causes.  This is quite a capability for our Government, especially when they show some nerd with a heart attack gun that shoots frozen darts to mislead the public.  The public has been fooled but they may be catching on now.  Of course the drills and other injuries are all good clean fun for the psychopaths.  They like to do these injuries and will high five each other when they can fool the target into thinking it is natural and normal, which is their goal.  Of course doctors always have a normal explanation for the injuries, since the psychopaths are careful not to leave marks.

There is an interesting development from Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance FFCHS (, the human rights group.  A milestone has been reached because Richmond CA will now take crime reports from Targeted Individuals about Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) abuse and Organized stalking.  This is a first because prior to this, the police would ignore complaints about DEW and Organized Stalking and attribute it as a delusional disorder.  But all that has apparently changed.  I see this as the beginning of a trend and there is no going back.  When someone makes a DEW or OrganizedStalking complaint in Richmond Ca and calls the police, a crime report will be written.  This will allow investigations, searches & seizures of weapons and ultimately,  arrests and convictions.

my feet are being irradiated with ELF energy.  ELF stands for Extremely Low Frequency.   I am now considering that the house wiring is being used to facilitate the energy flow of ELF.  I don’t know much about it but am learning as I go since it is constantly demonstrated on me and I observe it first hand.

The ELF energy is being beamed at me from satellite now as I am going to Auburn to Fred Meyer, Lowe’s, WalMart and IHOP.  The handler is tracking me with their GPS right through the walls and roof of the building.  They do all this from their computer monitor from the comfort of their own home.  These people can be located and tracked by getting their information from their employment records and the IRS.  Someone could get access to this technology and we know they are in their own home.  They are hard at work, so why shouldn’t they contribute to the global good and well being of the collective and contribute their body to the good of all.  After all this is all good.
my handler is beaming me and my face with ELF energy.  It makes my skin feel numb and clouds my thinking.  This afternoon I made a purchase on line and I saw the email confirmation notification, but when I went to look for it it was gone.  I looked in the trash and found it.  Now I need to check the trash every time I cant fine something important
June 20, 2014 10:09pm
I was tortured all night because my handler wanted to keep me awake for what?  This is a recurring theme.  The handler has a craving for torture so I am up to entertain his fantasies.  I am at his disposal, because our government wanted to allow its citizens to have their bodies be a test bed for any corporation or person with money and influence.  Our government is prostituting its citizens because it thinks it has the right to the use of our bodies.  They are using directed energy weapons on me to test the directed energy effects.  My handler has been using ELF energy exclusively since yesterday.  He had been beaming my brain, hands and feet.  Now he is beaming my left foot below the ankle and just now for a change above the ankle.  maybe there is two psychopaths because it hurts below and above the ankle.  I always tell them they don’t realize how stupid they will appear to normal people who will think it is weird that they torture people for money.  I don’t think they believe me because they never stop.  I tell them someday soon this will be over and you will have to live among normal people without psychopathic tendencies and they will know you are a torturer.  They must believe no one will care.  What do you think?
June 21, 2014 3:11am
I can hear the drone of the handlers Emag weapon and i’m not sure if it’s in my ears or like v2k.  my neck and face feel like the skin is taught across the surface.  There is a pressurized feeling in my body and mostly my face where I believe the radar weapon is going through.  My handler is keeping me awake now by aggressively increasing the microwave power every time I start to drift off to sleep.  This way my days and nights are effectively switched.  I am unable to stay awake during the part of the day when most people are up.
I think many of the neighbors who were doing torture to me have stopped or I am not measuring signals from them.  The one I do detect is coming from almost straight over head, and very slightly the north and west.  The handler I have now is new to me and maybe is not from this area.  One can tell the difference between individual torture styles.  This person I have not encountered before this week.
 My heart rate is elevated and I feel speedy, but have not taken anything to cause that.  I believe they are dosing me with some chemical that causes that, via the weapon they are using on me as in microwave chemical vapor deposition (CVD).  The people have not heard about how the chemicals are deposited on us to dose us yet.  They can give us micro doses of chemicals as in a drug delivery system whenever they want to and wherever they want to.
My handler is heating my brain in various places.  I can feel the pain in distinct areas.  Also my finger in the end segment is heated so that it will be inflamed and hurt to touch anything with it until the inflammation subsides, as though it was injured with blunt force trauma.  In addition, my prostate was probed and heated. It is interesting that this technology can be used for surgeries to cauterize distinct areas.  This handler must be practicing to be a surgeon.  I believe they must either be able to see specific organs inside the body or have the weapon frequency set to harmonic resonance of the area which they wish to heat or destroy.  What do you think?  If this is true and when this technology comes mainstream, then real doctors and surgeons will be able to treat patients anywhere in the world and it won’t be just for torture anymore.  Although torturing the citizens in their homes seems very important to our Government.   They call this No Touch Torture for a reason.  It keeps an insurgent you don’t want to kill right away, worried and so busy protecting them selves, they don’t have time for activism.  So you can see why our Government prizes this technology and keeps it TOP SECRET and Classified.   I recently had kidney stone surgery and this could be accomplished easily by your surgeon without touching the body.
Here are some useful links:

This is on how to use an android cell phone or tablet as directional a meter.

Richmond CA will now take crime reports from targeted individuals about directed energy abuse and organized stalking.

Stanley Milgram Experiment on blind obedience to authority

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