NTT-Torture Log for Sun. 6-15-14 & A Narcissist Trying To Win A Bet


 It is just after shift change and my handler is getting his feet wet by giving me a fake heart attack.  He is cutting off blood flow to some part of my heart so that I feel sick and my heart has a deep sickening pain.  He is the playful sort who likes to interfere with life besides doing the regular torture.  I guess he is a malignant narcissist.  check the work log database.  I am detecting two signals.  One is from a satellite from the south and the other is flat from the south south west, down the street and across the street.
the psychopath who is my handler tonight, is one of those that comes along every now and then who must tell others that he can handle me.  I don’t get scared, I try to remain calm and get on with my day no matter what they do to me.  These people always try to find something that makes me mad or tries to find something that hurts.  What they really want is to make me scared and terrified.  But barring that they would like to make me mad.  They think they now have an angle which they can exploit, so they can high five the narcissist that comes on tomorrow at shift change and say that HE GOT ME.  What a dip shit he is.  This guy is touching the head of my penis with his big red white and blue stick.  It burns or stings actually so that I know that he is doing it.  He also routs around in my abdomen in the same area, which is probably what some refer to as electronic rape.  He wont cause any visible damage that a doctor could see, but pain and discomfort is what he is after.  You just have to suck it up and ignore it, because like an infant, a narcissist will continue no matter what and they are competitive and don’t like to lose.  This middle age to elderly man is sitting in front of his computer monitor, looking at a thermal image of me, while he moves the mouse around and deftly applies power to his red white and blue stick and my sensitive areas.  He’s done this for 2 hours so far since shift change and will be concentrating his time on a quest to WIN!WIN!WIN!WIN!WIN!.  He will do this for as long as he thinks it will do any good which could be hours, which at this time could be 9.5 more hours until shift change or until he gets bored:/   I get one of these types every month or so.  You get good at reading these people after a while by their torture style nuances.  They are artists of pain and they like to put their very own personal little twist on the torture he dishes out. 
It’s needless to say this to normal people, but our law makers are not normal people.  I am afraid many are of the same narcissistic personality disorder type as my handler.   Psychopaths should not be given weapons to watch over a human being, but narcissists know best always and forever, even when they are wrong, they right their with a convoluted reason. Our law makers know about this program and are afraid to stop it for fear of dousing their career.  It will take a brave and ethical person, similar to Edward Snowden to put a stop to this torture/kill program.   To the psychopath, I am a mere lab animal or less, maybe of the same worth as a piece of meat.  There is less than respect.  This person has that cocked head and half grin of a psychopathic moron, poking at a wounded animal.  I have heard it said that what they are doing is less like handlers and more like wildlife management.  Who but a moron would take a job torturing and killing his neighbor in their own homes, from the warmth and comfort of his bat cave.  I think you have the picture in your mind now.

By the way, it usually is the neighbors in my experience.  The Stanley Milgram experiment showed that 66% of the people will blindly obey a credible authority figure and kill the victim when told to do so.  No matter if the credible authority was a psychopath who told them anything he though would garner obedience from their malleable minds.  Once they buy into the big lie, moving the procedure and goals around is easier than you might think.  And the only thing that was probably given was a promise for amnesty from prosecution 😉  This is why the German death camp guards did what they were told.

i may add more before 12:00am tonight….

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