NTT Torture Log for February 19_20_21-2014

February 19, 20, 21 my solution for missing time from my torture log is to group any missed days into one record.  This way, I can account for missed days when I am unable to record my experiences.  

For the days mentioned, I have been sleep deprived and attacked 24/7, even when I am asleep.  They are using both microwaves ELF and a beam weapon which acts like UltraSonic.  They micro target bodily structures like heart, brain bones and joints of the hand, arm heart, brain and other bodily structures.  The handler tunes the weapon to the resonant frequency bodily structure targeted causing micro heating within the structure to occur.  In addition I have been experiencing Microwave brain entrainment.  My handlers are continuing with what I have read about as brain entrainment torture.  This is when the handler is able to project electromagnetic waves at my brain at a frequency and with sufficient intensity that my brain begins to adapt to the new frequency instead of the natural frequency that my autonomic system generates.  In other words, they are able to override my brain into adapting to their diabolical interference frequency to whatever inhumane torturous end they are using it for.   This is extremely painful, debilitating mentally and psychologically This is the #TI human trafficking your tax dollars are paying for.  Nothing but the best human experimentation money can buy, courtesy of the CIA, NSA and Air Force.  This pain that is inflicted and seen as torture is in actuality, controlled radiation from directed energy weapons.  It is delivered to the Target individual at a precise location and intensity, so that the handler can record all data as a deliverable on the Air Force (DEBR) contract deliverable.  This is Directed Energy Bio-Effects Research (DEBR) on human subjects and animals.
2/21/14 7:14am I went outside to smoke and saw a person standing on the sidewalk who was sent out to harass me.  I know he/she was sent out because it was 5:00am, it was raining and also I tried to take a photograph and they left abruptly.   The only reason I was up and went out was because I was kept up all night and was being tortured.  I thought maybe I would not be tortured outside.  Outside was a different type of torture and a change of pace.  I was attacked with chemical as I stood near the apt building before I rounded the corner where the gangstalker was standing.  When I came back inside, I found the ten day notice from apt management complaining of noise during the last two weeks.  Dave told me to call the police.  He said I am not your daddy.  Yet, the woman and her boyfriend in 405D still make complaints to management.  Now that I am back inside, the torture from the handler in 405D resumes.
What is going on here in my little acre and also globally with many thousands of targeted individuals simultaneously is the following, which I wrote a week ago but it will serve here as well:
I am a 62 year old man being attacked by people who live in my apartment complex. I live in senior housing that is partially government subsidized. There at least 2 dozen seniors living here as residents who here who are doing this to me. The manager and one maintenance man are included with numerous residents. It is not just one or two. Also, these people act like this is their job. I saw two of them arguing over who would get to torture me. Do these people think it is for the greater good! They are private contractors working for a private company under government contracts. These seniors have portable electromagnetic weapons that were delivered by Federal Express to them here at the Arrowhead Gardens Apartment senior apartment complex in Seattle, WA, from the company they work for (I live in Region X).  These weapons are shipped from a large warehouse located somewhere within Fed EX’s overnight shipping area.  They are doing human experimentation weapons research under Federal Air Force Contracts (see below). Here is the basic contract statement of objective with important parts highlighted. This is a Top Secret 50 million contract for human and animal experimentation with Directed Energy Weapons remotely.
Many people who are targeted, do not know they are targeted.  The people who know about the targeting are just the tip of the ice berg.  There are probably 10 covert targeting surveillances going on for each one that is overt to the target.  Looking back now in hindsight of being a targeted person, I recognize things back then that are cause and effect issues of health problems (especially tachycardia with the same fingerprint) related to irradiation with electromagnetic weapons. I may have been electronically watched as many as 10 years before I began being tortured. Any Questions, just ask.  If you think it can’t happen to you, it may already be happening to you and you just don’t know it.

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