#TI Ends A Week Of Police And County Psych. Investigations To Rubber Stamp Traffickers False Claims

The police were here last week, at the request of the couple in 405D.  They were making pounding noises by banging from their apartment.  As usual, the the woman in 405d files a false police report and summons the police because I dared to make a noise back.  The police then investigated me because I have a gun and am suspected of being crazy.  I guess I should be happy that I was not taken into the psych ward.  But this is a common occurrence for Targeted Individuals.  We are human trafficking victims and are being subjugated to be human test subjects for weapons research.  The usual outcome is that the police are used as a rubber stamp for the criminal perpetrators of this crime.
This was followed by two social health workers who came to my apartment on Friday 1/24/2014. They were there at the request of the apartment manager’s who are involved in some way.  It is possible the manager did not know that I was really a victim of human trafficking and being subjugated by the private contractor perpetrators.  
The social workers were told that I had produced a gun and was waving it around. I question how the gun waving incident was given to the social workers.  Pam the manager reported the incident.  Did two perpetrators of human trafficking just happen to show up when they got there so they could be told the gun waving lie.   
Strangely, the two woman said they had heard of this targeting (TI) issue!!  But as usual, the county is called as a rubber stamp for the human trafficking subjugation.  But in this case it didn’t work as planned by the human trafficking perpetrators.
They asked me the usual questions about my sanity and also the gun waving lie.  I gave them a copy of the Air Force Contract paying 50,000,000 for human experimentation biological effects data. 
 the social workers did not mention that she was making noise pounding on my ceiling as a form of constant harassment, but I brought it up.  This noise harassment has been going on since October of 2013.  The woman who lives in 405D hosts at least one man at any one time who comes there for the sole purpose of irradiating me with directed energy weapons (ELF and Microwave).  This is to fulfill the Air Force contract deliverable of human testing of Directed Energy (DE).
I recorded the audio of the conversation with social workers and a link to it is below. Small victories add up.
The police incident was followed by an investigation by the crisis unit of the police department.  My sanity was again questioned and my neighbor(‘s) were questioned as well.  This is another instance of the crime of human trafficking subjugation being turned backwards to hold the victim accountable, by the perpetrator.  Corruption is the reason for this subjugation. 
It must be realized that this crime is indeed human trafficking and a great deal of money is generated and paid to the handler perpetrators in exchange for subjugating targeted individuals.  In addition, the targeted individual is tortured extra for daring to protect himself (me).  The psychopathic perpetrators exhibit mobbing behavior during this torture where they will all gang up and try to one up each other.   I am being murdered in my own apartment by these thugs.
It is also noteworthy that in response to 911 the DOD turned over the  electromagnetic weaponry to the Justice department who in turn gave responsibility to the sheriffs and police.  The weaponry also got into the hands of real criminals as well.  So when the police say they don’t know about the weaponry, I am not sure how information gets passed down, but they are in control of the weaponry.  Maybe there are still some police at certain who have not been filled in.

The system today has changed from the way we might remember it.  Research has been taken out of the laboratory and is brought into the home.  technology is realy about 20 years ahead of where it would seem.  electromagnetic weapons have come full circle and are in full production and being used today as mature weapons systems.  They are being kept secret to hide the research and testing on human subjects.  As you may know, classifying and covering illegal research with secret classification is itself illegal.  The same overreach which caused the excessive spying on americans has caused the defense industry in conjunction with the spy agencies to misinterpret laws passed by congress to mean anything goes.  

Today the handler couple in 405D used an ELF beam on my brain to interrupt me.  This causes inflammation and brain swelling. This is in retaliation for me not being taken to the psych ward.  Psychopaths are very competitive.  They don’t like to lose and being a subject of human experimentation of DE is not a good place to be if a psychopath has the DE weapons on you.  Our only chance is to get the word out about this horrific crime.


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