Skinner Box And Negative Biofeedback Treatment For The Targeted Individual

 I am reporting crimes against humanity to selected witnesses in the bioethics community and to my followers on Twitter: @JAFELCO. and elsewhere.  My goal is to ensure as many people as possible know about and report on these horrendous crimes.
Basic Experimentation Protocol As I Perceived By Me:
The following is the outline of What appears to be an unethical negative biofeedback experiment, which is a kind of B. F. Skinner type of shock box experiment, created by a psychologist, which is performed by the handler and carried out on me the targeted individual (TI).  This experimentation is happening NOW in real time 24/7/365.
The handler connects to the TI (me) via Internet RF link utilizing a radar lock on the TI’s neural image, which is this weapons primary function.  I also have implanted RFID chips to whatever extent they are utilized in my targeting.  The TI cannot get away from it and is therefore forced into compliance through negative feedback from the handler who has the capability of varying the intensity and frequency of shocks delivered to the TI by the weapon.  Technology has taken the experimentation out of the laboratory and moved it into the home.
The handler is seated at a computer monitor, which shows a heat sensitive image of me, along with my heart rate and respiration.  The software she is using, has the capability of delivering negative feedback in the form of diffuse microwave radiation or alternatively a narrowly focused and highly accurate beam of electromagnetic pulses from a portable ELF directed energy beam type weapon which can deliver immediate stimulus in the form of pain or discomfort.  This beam can disrupt normal autonomic bodily processes such as heart beat or digestion is much like biofeedback, except for a negative purpose.  Heating my intestines to make me have MEGA GASS, is an example of discomfort.  Hitting my arm or hands with a beam to injure muscle, bones or tendon would be an example of a pain injury.  The pain injuries go on over and over throughout the day.  It is like the handler is poking a wounded animal in a cage, expecting some kind of reaction or synthetic psychotic break.  It can also cause immediate pain in the form of selective heating of bone, muscle, tendon, joint, etc..  This beam weapon can be tuned to a specific body part by matching its infrasonic frequency to that of the body part.  When this is done, the body part can be heated separately and and injured distinctly and repeatedly from the surrounding tissue, thus causing pain to the one specific tissue area.  Thereafter, the injured muscle or tendon is painful to use, yet there is no physical sign of injury.  As I said these injuries can go on throughout the day leaving me feeling as though I have been beat up and the injury/beatings are repeated day after day.
Under different circumstances this beam can also be used by a skilled surgeon to perform certain types of cauterization type surgery (e.g. tumor) on patients.  However in our case, we are only focused on and interested in negative outcomes here.  This can alternatively be viewed as torture tolerance testing.  It is interesting that this militarized capability would be given to psychopaths to carry out human biological experimentation on the general non public without their knowledge or consent.  The potential for abuse is tremendous and non regulated.  Besides mind experimentation, biological weapon effects experimentation also seems to be occurring.  It is obvious to me that injuries are created (in hands, finger, arms, shoulders, etc) and then reaccessed over and over.  If a survey was done, you would hear the same story from other targeted individuals.  This is exactly what you would expect to find with human experimentation.

The handler has access to an electromagnetic weapon.  She targets my heart with the weapon.  She uses it to disrupt my heart.  Her objective is to make me feel as though I will die because my heart beating can be interrupted at any time.  Now in addition to that, the woman pounds her foot on the floor when she interferes with and disrupts my heart beating.  

The woman in 405D has an objective of causing me to feel psychologically triggered when she stomps her foot, because only she knows whether she will stomp her foot.  However I cannot know whether her foot stomp will be followed by a heart disruption or not.  
The objective is to make me sensitized to her foot stomping, so that I am psychologically injured eventually, only the foot stomping, even if the heart disruptions are discontinued.  The objective is to trigger me only by the stomping of her foot.  The handler may need to repeat the above process many many times over a period of many days, weeks or months.  
This explanation of events is easier to understand what is going on and that it is an experiment.  Now if I tell someone about the handlers foot stomping and the use of an electromagnetic weapon, it is easier to understand since it is seen as a process rather than random unexplainable events.  This is why an investigation is needed.  It is difficult for Targeted Individuals to explain.  They typically will try to explain the events as separate incidents which sound bizarre and can potentially lead to a mental diagnosis.  There are tens of thousands of TI’s all with identical complaints and they cannot be expected to do this alone.  There is no better reason for a bioethics commission to exist than to recognize the need for further investigation of these abuses.  Reporting these abuses is in essence the reason for the existence of a bioethics commission and it would be grossly unethical to ignore them.
Email for James Lico:
Twitter: @JAFELCO

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