Targeted Individuals Make A Shift In Their Collective Mental Attitudes

TI’s! Quote from the video: I AM A HUMAN BEING G*D DAMIT AND MY LIFE HAS VALUE.  I AM AS MAD AS HELL AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE.  You need to watch the video.
Getting to this point is a shift in mental attitude over putting up with the status quo, making do and pretending nothing is wrong.  You see, everyone just thinks you aren’t serious if you are to put up with organized stalking, directed energy weapon attacks, gas lighting, electronic surveillance, etc..
Now as you watch the movie, this mans attitude is contagious and he is serious and not crazy.  He is tired of putting up with the same old crap and now he wants something done and you know…. He will get action… just look at what is happening.  YOU NEED TO GET MAD.  Not all the time, just at the appropriate times… You need to SHOW THEM (everyone) YOU MEAN BUSINESS.  They need to perceive that attitude shift and you know… THEY WILL SEE IT, because we are all tired of taking this crap.
The psychopaths will get the picture TOO.  This is what I was talking about in a recent article I wrote.  But this video tells the story so much better than words.
If you want a senate or congressional investigation of the perpetrators of this death from a sniveling coward jerking off and hiding behind a computer monitor watching you, then you have to GET MAD.  Let it show in your voice and in your demeanor.  I don’t mean that you should walk around angry.  But when you talk to officials or anyone for that matter, don’t allow them off the hook when they say they never heard of organized stalking or what ever, tell them this is a national/global problem facing us and it behooves us to learn about it so we can reclaim our nation/government.  In addition, I am being tortured to death in a slow kill program.  This is murder and I want something done about this now and not tomorrow.  When talking to out law makers it is going to have to be like this new attitude.  Don’t yell but don’t take any crap.  You are as good as anyone and you want action from your congressman or senator or who ever.  The 1% get action and what better thing to ask your congressmen to act on than a national interstate murder program.   Are you getting the picture now.  You can see why if EVERYBODY GETS MAD, then this will work.
Another thing that is effective is making conference calls of 3 or more people to law makers.  This assures there is no dead air and makes sure that everything gets said.  Yes it is intimidating for them, but only if they are trying to obfuscate and deflect the situation.


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