Psychopathic Handlers worried Their Contracts Don’t Offer Immunity From Prosecution For Murder

On the lighter side: Some of the psychopathic handlers are getting worried. They are going over their corporate contracts and noticing there is immunity from prosecution for the corporation but no clause (not santa) for them. They will settle down when they realize they are working in “Murica” (say with loud booming voice) and not some third world county.

 I have a corporate “pounding specialist” above me in D405 who is pounding her little heart out trying to earn a few extra dollars torturing me, to put towards her retirement. She went and got her 30 hour assassinate in pounding degree and is now worried that its not worth the paper its printed on. Now there are questions about immunity from prosecution. Whats a psychopath to do.

The psychopaths were asked what they tell the stalker slaves on the street to get them to go along with what they want them to do. There answer is we tell them “anything that will get them to do what we want”. This is exactly what the psychopaths supervisors tell the handlers. It’s the corporate way. So some of them have been a little upset lately. They want assurances but the are told to suck it up. This is Murica after all (say in booming voice).

Now the psychopaths have been lying to each other, saying that they all have immunity from prosecution for murder.  The problem is that they don’t know when the corporate lie is true or not.  This is their dilemma.  Turns out they were only saying that there was immunity in order to get their subordinates to do what they wanted (a classic psychopath ploy).  They only think for the short term and not the long or intermediate term.  They have decided to forgive their superiors for lying in the short term anyway.

Back to earth, the pounding specialist in D405 and my handler is sticking her big red white and blue electromagnetic dildo up my rear, showing me that “Murica” is there for me.  How many Muricans can say they are someones paycheck! HUH?  Now our children can grow up believing they to can torture someone to death in Murica, for fun and profit!

I had a heck of a time posting this due to being routed a FOXACID like high latency server.  I am a target and as such am subject to the whims of the TAO hacking arm of the NSA.  I get routed through this server automatically when my information is spotted.  They can do whatever they want with my session at that point.  Usually it amounts to a very S…L…O…W session.  I am telling you this as a target who is observing the results first hand.  The problem comes in when I try to post to my BLOG.  As soon as I try to access the slowness starts, even though this site is not a problem for anyone else.  I am not a criminal nor am I causing trouble.  I was not an activist before I was targeted, but I am very active now.  I am a 62 year old man who by someone saying I am an enemy of the state without any other input from me or anyone else, case closed.  Trying to request records via FOIA request yields nothing but a GLOMAR response. Thank You for reading this.


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