Multifunctional Radio Frequency Directed Energy Targeting System

Multifunctional radio frequency directed energy system
US 7629918 B2

“An RFDE system includes an RFDE transmitter and at least one RFDE antenna. The RFDE transmitter and antenna direct high power electromagnetic energy towards a target sufficient to cause high energy damage or
disruption of the target. The RFDE system further includes a targeting system for locating the target. The targeting system includes a radar transmitter and at least one radar antenna for transmitting and receiving electromagnetic energy to locate the target.”

Thanks to Vic Livingstons article for pointing me to this patent number :

This system is described as multifunctional.  The reason is that it can be configured in numerous configurations.  The way I think that the vast majority of tranceivers are configured is with two transmitters, with at least one transmitting and receiving antenna. One of the beams is used for tracking the target and the second being a more powerful Radio Frequency Directed Energy (RFDE) beam used to disrupt the target.  The reason is because I am always accessed via my neural image while a second beam is used to cause damage or torture.  This configuration also allows the handler to cross the beams, which I have heard cause scalar waves to form, but that is just a guess.  In addition, crossing the beams would cause the Hutchison effect, which would allow objects to be levitated and moved to a new location

shows objects levitating

causes 2″x2″ block of iron to twist and mutate

I have seen something similar to this deformation in Dr. Judy Woods videos of 911, where dissimilar metals are fused together and steel beams are deformed and mutated.  Thanks to Vic Ivingston’s article on directed energy weapons for showing me the patent number.

Continuing on with the RFDE system, the government may be doing something similar, but this system is secret and no one can examine it.

The following is one configuration, that I believe is a likely one.  It has two microwave beams.  One is radar for targeting and the other is higher power RFDE for disrupting the target.
5. The multi-functional RFDE system of claim 4, wherein the electromagnetic energy for locating the target is at a first frequency, and the high power electromagnetic energy is at a second frequency different from the first.

The two beams can theoretically be crossed to cause the odd effects mentioned and possibly other effects.


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