NTT Torture Log for Monday, September 24, 2013

My handlers are trying to make me have EITHER: “A BREAK DOWN” or “A BREAK OUT”. They are using similar tactics on me as I have heard of those used on Aaron Alexis. Are they ramping up the
torture on TI’s, knowing what the results will be. There are some morally bankrupt people in charge of this country.

Psychopaths caused the financial collapse and the housing bubble.  They don’t seem to sense impending doom, because causing havoc and mayhem seems normal to them.  Normal people can see that what they are doing will cause an avalanche break down in their plans.  We will hold them accountable for this one.

After I finished adding this post as a change to my status on facebook, my firefox browser and all open windows terminated abruptly.  Often enough, my computer will BLUE SCREEN for no reason, other than an activist post:)  The real tragedy is that these psychopaths think they CAN get away with murder.  They don’t realize that when normal people find out what they have done they wont be able to break down these peoples doors fast enough to get at them.  They actually think they will be exempt from prosecution.


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