Newest twitter account @BIOETHICSGOV… What happened to @BIOETHICS?

NEWS: I just found out on 9/21/2013 that the Twitter account name for President Obama’s Bioethics Committee has been changed to @BIOETHICSGOV from @BIOETHICS.   The original
twitter account has over 2100 followers and has made 2975 tweets as of the time of the last tweet on 9/19/2013.  The new Twitter account @BIOETHICSGOV has 110 followers and has made 5 tweets as of 6:58pm today.
I saw the change today on Saturday, 9/21/2013 on the main website http://BIOETHICS.GOV, but does not mention changing the twitter account name.  Their blog http://BLOG.BIOETHICS.GOV even lists the original URL  So in effect, they are saying there is no new news such as the Twitter name has changed!  The link is still good and now give the same result as on 9/19/2013.
My original article was posted first on 9/19/2013.  I found that it had been removed a few hours after I posted it.  The link was dead and the article had reverted to a very early version as if it were replaced with a copy of an earlier version and not the version I posted.  I posted a rewrite of the original article at 7:30am on Friday 9/20/2013.  Here is the URL for the rewrite of my original article:
Below is a few lines I copied from http://BLOG.BIOETHICS.GOV, of what is reported as recent posts.  There is no mention of the name change or that edits to the original announcement.  You would think that the abandonment of the original twitter account name would be something to tweet about:)  Below that is the what I copied from the @BIOETHICSGOV twitter account page.  Questions still remain regarding the apparent name change, the timeline and how they expect the existing 2162 followers to know about the new twitters account.
*********snippets copied from original and current twitter accounts******
Written by Hillary Viers on September 19, 2013 — Leave a Comment
As part of its efforts to engage and educate the public about pressing bioethical issues, The Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues (the Bioethics Commission) is pleased to announce that it has joined Twitter.
Follow the Bioethics Commission @bioethicsgov
///////////// copy of recent posts \\\
Recent Posts
///////////// end of copy of recent posts \\\
Below is the account header and tweets spanning from Sept. 12, 2013 to Sept. 19, 2013.  The last post showing is from Friday, Sept. 19, 2013 at 1:36pm.  A copy of the final posts visible to me at this time are shown below.
/////////// begining of copy of @bioethics page \\\
Bioethics, Biotech Policy, Regulation, and Legal Issues News
HS Bioethics Project
  1. Tweets

    1. Bioethics ‏@Bioethics 19 Sep
  1. World Alzheimer Report 2013
    1. Expand
    2. Bioethics ‏@Bioethics 18 Sep
  1. Millions harmed each year from unsafe medical care
    1. Expand
    2. Bioethics ‏@Bioethics 18 Sep
  1. Hospital readmission rates linked with quality of surgical care
    1. Expand
    2. Bioethics ‏@Bioethics 17 Sep
  1. Death & disability from air pollution down 35 percent in the US
    1. Expand
    2. Bioethics ‏@Bioethics 17 Sep
  1. Study: Memory problems, emotional stress result in early readmissions of heart patients
    1. Expand
    2. Bioethics ‏@Bioethics 16 Sep
  1. Heart attacks in young women — not all have chest pain
    1. Expand
    2. Bioethics ‏@Bioethics 16 Sep
  1. Internists offer principles for organizing clinical care teams in policy paper
    1. Expand
    2. Bioethics ‏@Bioethics 16 Sep
  1. Prescription drug expenses in Canada are a health-care barrier
    1. Expand
    2. Bioethics ‏@Bioethics 16 Sep
  1. Intelligent use of electronic data helps the medicine go down, say researchers
    1. Expand
    2. Bioethics ‏@Bioethics 14 Sep
  1. Hypertension researcher encourages colleagues to expand their focus
    1. Expand
    2. Bioethics ‏@Bioethics 13 Sep
  1. A clinician’s guide to managing moral distress
    1. Bioethics ‏@Bioethics 12 Sep
  1. Medicare Center of Excellence Policy may limit minority access to weight-loss surgery
    1. Expand
  2. Bioethics ‏@Bioethics 12 Sep
  1. ‘Incidental findings’ rare but significant events in pediatric CT scans


/////////////////  end of copy of @BIOETHICS  \\\\
I went ahead and also copied the header and all posts visible to me at this time. Both accounts are still active.
/////////  begin of copy of @BIOETHICSGOV twitter account page \\
Bioethics Commission
Bioethics Commission

  1. Advising the President on evolving bioethical issues in medicine, science & technology. RTs & follows are not endorsements. All comments:
  1. Washington, D.C. ·
  1. Tweets

    1. Bioethics Commission ‏@bioethicsgov 20 Sep
  1. New #bioethics education resources available from bioethicsgov:
    1. Expand

    2. Bioethics Commission ‏@bioethicsgov 20 Sep
  1. Commission Members on promoting and providing materials for #bioethics education
    1. View media

    2. Bioethics Commission ‏@bioethicsgov 19 Sep

Webinar starting now! Event password bioethics:

  1. Expand

  2. Bioethics Commission ‏@bioethicsgov 19 Sep

Join our webinar, Advancing Bioethics Ed, today at noon.

  1. Expand

  2. Bioethics Commission ‏@bioethicsgov 19 Sep
  1. We’re here! Learn more about the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues
    1. Expand
/////////  end of copy of @BIOETHICSGOV twitter account page \\

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