John Perkins wrote Confession Of An Economic Hit Man, About American Imperialism

John Perkins wrote Confession Of An Economic Hit Man.  His talk is on American imperialism and colonization.

Through his gift of telling us what he did, he is telling us about how our country is exploiting the poor  of other countries and keeping people impoverished.  The goal of loans to third world countries is not to help a countries poor to raise them up.
  The goal is to make a few people rich by keeping the poor subjugated to loans that cannot be repaid on purpose.

John Perkins talks about how the Economic Hit Man (EHM)would be sent in first to corrupt a countries leader.  Then, if the EHM failed, The second step would be to call in the JACKEL’s.  As an adjunct to John Perkins Video,  there are two 15 minute video interviews of ex CIA Black OPS Agent Chip Tatum (aka jackel called in by EHM).

Please look at videos #7 and #8 to judge for yourself if Mr. Tatum is telling the truth.  Mr. Tatum talks about neutralizations, which could range from bribery to outright murder.  You will also hear him say that ex presidential candidate Ross Perot was the target of a neutralization order signed by George Herbert Walker Bush.  Listen to the other videos if you want to.

Here is a link to The Chip Tatum Chronicles.  This is the documentation Mr. Tatum talks about.

About Richard Nixon.


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