Human torture/human bioeffects experimentation log in Big Bear City, CA

Human torture/human bioeffects experimentation log in Big Bear City, CA
The following destructive signals were detected with meter

North  satellite 40 degrees from top center

North  horizontal zero degrees.  probably house adjacent to mine see map 
North East  satellite or from mountain top or hill  45 degrees from top center
South  zero degrees horizontal and from house adjacent to my house. see map Twilla
West South West 45 degrees from top center  satellite.  Tries to hide signal every time I try to detect it. 
there are more signals from satellites now.  Usually there is only one satellite signal and prior to the last 30 days, it was rare to detect a satellite signal.  I suppose I have gotten very popular lately.
instead of beam weapons for most of torture irradiation, I am being microwaved heavily.  When I try to concentrate on something, more of the power seems to concentrate in my brain and make me feel a tetanitus like in face, neck and head.

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