Whistleblower Thomas Drake: What it is like to be Targeted, because now you are!

Thomas Drake was speaking in a private setting about what it is like to be targeted.  He told the audience the Europeans know the seriousness of the security situation, here in the US better than Americans.  One couple told him: “At least we know we live in a post Fascist society, Americans live in a Pre-Fascist Society and they don’t even know it”.

This video features Thomas Drake asking very personal probing questions about Rights to a small group of people.  He has thought about this a lot and you should hear him, because he is speaking to YOU.  “Why would you let the Government have unfettered access to every single bit of information in your life?”  The video is 30 minutes and the last 15  minutes is most important.

Targeted individuals will know what he is talking about but non targeted people will find out what it is like to be targeted.


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