Twitter’s Periscope App Makes You An Amateur Photo Journalist

The Periscope app was developed for smart phones, like IPhone and Android 4.4.

Periscope is a live streaming video app, available for most cell phones which allows you to video LIVE coverage of any activity where it can be viewed anywhere in the world by hundreds of viewers.  Just let others know of your live video time and they can tune in to watch the live broadcast.  You will need a Twitter account so sign up to Continue reading →

Activists, Learn Of CTTL Or Fail!

Watch this short video clip (1min&35sec) of Bob Woodward being interviewed on 60’minutes and you will see that Bob Woodward knows about this targeting but says it is top secret.  You must realize who your enemy is as well as how your enemy operates if you are to effectively fight for your rights.  Right now the corporate state has technology far advanced than what you are used to.  The technology is new to you but you have to think about and consider new ways of looking at things.  Remember that the spy agencies have always been 20 years and maybe more ahead of the private sector.  If you look at what I am saying in terms of this 20 year lead in technology, then what I am saying is understandable at least to start to begin to analyze, detect, defend and duplicate. Continue reading →

The Mass Shootings Keep Happening Because Targeted Individuals Are Being Tortured

Mind Control induced mass shootings in America

[niceyoutube id=”OD7Fhr7RTBk”  autoplay=”1″] You may or may not be surprised to hear that some mass shootings have been perpetrated by Targeted Individuals (TI”s).  TI’s are driven to a point where they can no longer take the pain of weapons testing (aka Torture).  They then suffer a break with normalcy where they will do anything to stop the Torture.   Myron May was the FSU Shooter and a self admitted Targeted Individual and under Extreme Second By Second Surveillance by an ongoing heinous and illegal CIA program.  This program is a continuation of the illegal MKULTRA and COINTELPRO programs.  We need to end this extremely invasive and horrific programs.  This extreme surveillance is electronic in nature, unfriendly and characterized by targets as Mind-Rape and Torture.  Myron May was considered a CAST IRON TARGET defined as a target which necessitates second by second monitoring by a live person remotely.  Continue reading →

DOD Contractors Are Doing A Psychological Operation On YOU, As In A Screen Play

I couldn’t sleep and was being kept up all night during second by second surveillance.  This surveillance is for Human Experimentation and not Security.  No one would watch anyone like that in the name of security.  Think about it; what purpose would it serve?  If I was that dangerous They would arrest me.


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President Obama’s Bioethics Advisory Committee Is Covering Up Illegal CIA Human Experimentation

Amy Gutmann is Chairman of President Obama’s Bioethics Advisory Committee.  Up to 900 people Testified, up to 300 at each of three committee meetings, public commentary sessions.  They attested to being subjected to COINTELPRO like organized stalking and being attacked with electromagnetic weapons.  Did she report this testimony to President Obama and he did nothing or is she ignoring it herself and she is not reporting it?   I don’t know, but it is being ignored.   Continue reading →

“It’s The Ultimate Weapon”

Robert Duncan is a scientist with multiple degrees from Dartmouth College and Harvard University in Applied Sciences (e.g., artificial intelligence, pattern recognition and robotics) and Business.
He has worked on projects for the CIA, Department of Defense, and Department of Justice. In 2004 he testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Judiciary Committee, and 23 members of Congress regarding non-consensual experimentation on American citizens. Continue reading →

Things I Have Noticed About The People Who Are My Torturers &Handlers


James F Lico is a virtual prisoner who has been enrolled against his will, in a covert CIA Trauma Based Mind Control program. He has Identical symptoms and complaints as many thousands of other TI’s. The program is secret to prevent people from finding out they are torturing American Citizens in their own homes.

 I am Myron May or in other words, what happened to Myron May is also happening to me and thousands of other Targeted Individuals TI’s.  We were enrolled against our will and surreptitiously into a CIA trauma based mind control program which is geared towards making victims into “shooters on a shelf”.  Did Myron May become a “Shooter On A Shelf”,  who was used to do the shooting at Florida State University. Is he dead now after a mass shooting at FSU because they took him off the shelf to use to scare the public.  Or was the shooting his idea as a means of ending an unfair and unjust programmed oppression of innocent people used by the corporate state.

I am redoing the article because of things that have come to light.  Its my opinion now that the reason Targeted Individuals find it so difficult to get people to listen to what they say about targeting is because many people are in on the deception.  There is an army of insiders and they live in every town and every walk of life.    They are your friends and neighbors.  They interact with the normal people to interfere in and spy on their lives and they are your neighbors.  It is a career and they either do it full time or in conjunction with another job.  This is transgenerational in nature and covert.  This is why some TI’s say their family is involved. They are able to see that because closeness of the family makes it apparent. I can’t prove anything but I first realized I was being interfered with after I graduated High School in 1970. I abruptly began getting a severe sinus headache almost every day. Before that I never had headaches. My mother also had severe headaches and then the headaches stopped for her after I began getting them. I now know that the psychotronic weapons to track TI’s has been in existence since the early 1970’s and possibly before. That means that people could be tracked anywhere and the people doing the tracking could see what they see and hear what they hear. In case you have not realized it yet, this gave them a distinct and significant advantage which could be used for their financial gain. They want to continue going to the bank and they use people like pawns. I traded stock and stock index futures like the s&p 500 for my own account, for 4 years. People doing that type of work are under major surveillance and control do to the large gains and losses which were typical. In my case the Powers that be (be) did not want me getting rich and were doing things in my computer and behind the scenes to make that happen in real time. I realized then that I was never alone and free of influence and manipulation. I realize now that these people move in around me and were here all the time. Now they have directed energy weapons and they can be pointed out with a directional meter. I wrote this article on how to use your android cell phone as a meter with free software available on . What i tell you about the meter is true and I am sure about the meter. What do you all think about what I say if you follow the procedure i laid out. I will be interested to hear what you think.
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Buy This Spectrum Analyzer (Meter) To Detect Waves From 0 to 6GHz! All For Less Than $300

[niceyoutube id=”RTfoBLU-GrQ”]

I was researching spectrum analyzers. This is a great deal for a spectrum analyzer.  Check out these videos.   A Spectrum analyzer is a receiver that receives all frequencies in a given range and displays a graphic representation of the received wave forms corresponding to each frequency in the displayed window including power levels. This is the way to understand and learn about the signals and tracking equipment that we know nothing about yet. Continue reading →

Dr. Katherine Horton to All Americans with Integrity: Global Nazi Extermination Program Underway–Why You Need to Help Rescue Electronic Concentration Camp Victims Now!

Recently, a respected doctor in our midst, Dr. Edward Spencer, sent out a clarion call for help to a few trusted and high-profile ex-Government contacts he is in touch with, sharing with them the i…

Source: Dr. Katherine Horton to All Americans with Integrity: Global Nazi Extermination Program Underway–Why You Need to Help Rescue Electronic Concentration Camp Victims Now!

NIH BRAIN Initiative Publication Roundup – Late April 2016 by nihninds Controlling neurons with radio waves…inhibition drives whisking behavior in mice & TARGETED INDIVIDUALS (TI’S)…a new type of bright, fast, red fluorescent protein voltage indicator

This article inaccurately leaves out the role Targeted individuals as slaves, played in its development.  They us us like chattel slaves and then leave us out of the literature.  They will see that we want credit and we want to be included and we want to be free and we will be free.  acknowledging our role in this is the first step to out freedom.

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NIH BRAIN Initiative Publication Roundup – Late April 2016

Controlling neurons with radio waves…inhibition drives whisking behavior in mice…a new type of bright, fast, red fluorescent protein voltage indicator.

Radio waves regulate feeding behavior in mice by turning hypothalamus neurons on or off

Last year, BRAIN Initiative grantee Dr. Sarah Stanley, a neuroscientist at Rockefeller University, and colleagues developed a system for using radio waves to induce neural activity in mice. The researchers used radio waves or a magnetic field to directly manipulate ferretin (iron) nanoparticles tethered to temperature-sensitive TRPV1 ion channels, causing the channels to open and triggering action potentials in neurons in which the channels are expressed. Substituting a single amino acid within a sub-region of TRPV1 channel made the ion channel selective to negatively charged chloride ions, meaning that researchers can use radio waves to bring about neural inhibition, as well. In a new paper, published recently in Nature, Stanley and her team used the so-called “radiogenetics” system to activate glucose-sensing neurons in the mouse hypothalamus, which led to increased plasma glucose levels, lowered insulin levels, and ultimately stimulated feeding behaviors. Then, they used the radiogenetics system to inhibit the same class of neurons, which led to decreased plasma glucose, higher insulin, and suppressed feeding. If it proves to be robustly applicable in multiple systems, this method could offer significant advantages over both optogenetics—the technique for manipulating neural activity by shining light on genetically expressed light-sensitive ion channels—and DREADDs (designer receptors exclusively activated by designer drugs). The current report suggests radiogenetics does not require permanent implants and it can be used to potentially modulate activity in widely dispersed neuronal populations, unlike optogenetics. Further, the radio wave method could enable a more rapid response time than DREADDs.

Electromagnetic (EM) waves can be used to manipulate the TRPV1 ion channel to modulate neural activity. A) Schematic of “radiogenetics” system showing EM waves tugging on nanoparticles attached to a modified TRPV1 channel to induce the channel to open, permitting the flow of ions. B) When a magnetic field is turned on, a neuron with the modified TRPV1 channels fires a burst of action potentials. C) Flipping on the magnetic field inhibited the firing of a neuron expressing TRPv1 channels altered to permit negatively charged chloride ions (TRPV1mutant).


Inhibition, rather than excitation, drives rhythmic whisking in the mouse

Whisking—the rapid and repetitive back and forth sweeping of facial whiskers, or vibrissae—and sniffing are the primary exploratory behaviors of mice and rats. The rodent nervous system has to manage each of these behaviors so they do not occur at the same time. Figuring out how this occurs can help scientists understand more generally how nervous systems avoid antagonistic motor movements, i.e., movements that cannot occur simultaneously. NIH BRAIN grantee Dr. David Kleinfeldexternal link and colleagues observed that sniffing and whisking were driven by separate neural populations of the medulla called the pre-Botzinger complex (PreBotC) and the vibrissae-related region of the intermediate reticular formation (vIRt), respectively. They found that a rat’s breathing phase, which is closely related to its sniffing behavior, entrained the rhythm of whisking, consistent with unidirectional connections from PreBotC neurons that control vIRt neurons. In addition, Kleinfeld’s team found that vIRt neurons controlled whisking by rhythmically inhibiting the motor neurons that control facial vibrissae. The team also demonstrated that the synchrony in whisking between each side of the face relies on the respiratory rhythm, consistent with commissural connections between preBotC neurons in each hemisphere of the brain. The results of their study were published in a recent issue of Neuron.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 12.07.54 PM
Time ordered patterns of behavior, neuronal activation, and muscular activation for sniffing and whisking (left) and basal breathing (right) in the rat.


Researchers engineer first bright and fast red fluorescent protein voltage indicator

Fluorescent-protein-based voltage indicators enable imaging of the electrical activity of many genetically targeted neurons with high spatial and temporal resolution. Previous voltage indicators have been based on green fluorescent proteins (GFP). Attempts to derive a red fluorescent protein voltage indicator have resulted in weak and slow fluorescent signals. Now, researchers, led by NIH BRAIN grantee Dr. Vincent Pieriboneexternal link of the John B. Pierce Laboratory, have engineered a red fluorescent protein voltage indicator, called FlicR1, that is comparable to voltage indicators based on GFPs in terms of signal strength and response kinetics. FlicR1 is the result of combining the red fluorescent protein cpmApple and the voltage-sensing domain from a phosphatase from the sea squirt Cionas intenstinalis. To optimize the response properties of FlicR1, which were recently reported in the Journal of Neuroscience, Pieribone and his team screened tens of thousands of variants that underwent random mutagenesis. The team demonstrated that the optimal variant of FlicR1 can be used to image single action potentials and voltage oscillations at 100 Hz in rats. FlicR1 has a few advantages over conventional GFPs, including lower phototoxicity and lower autofluorescence background. In addition, because FlicR1 is stimulated with yellow light, it can be used in conjunction with optogenetics-based proteins that are stimulated with blue light.

The directed evolution of a new fast and bright red fluorescent proetin voltage indicator called FlicR1. A, B) FlicR1 is a chimera of the red fluorescent protein cpmApple and the voltage-sensing domain from phosphatse found in the sea squirt Cionas intestinalis. C) Colonies of E. coli bacteria, expressing variants of FlicR1, were exposed to yellow light. Colonies with bright red fluorescence were picked and screened for voltage sensitivity in mammalian cells. Fluorescence signals from the optimal FlicR1 variant (E, G) were compared to signals from ArcLight (D, F), another fluorescent protein voltage indicator developed by Pieribone and colleagues. H) After several rounds of directed evolution, the optimal FlicR1 variant was shown to produce fluorescence signals more than three times greater than those of ArcLight.


Is the US Department of Justice Secretly Permitting Local Law Enforcement & the Military to Assault American Citizens Using Covert Directed-Energy “Non-Lethal” Weapons?

Is the US Department of Justice Secretly Permitting Local Law Enforcement and Fusion Centers (With a Covert CIA/DoD Presence) to Deliberately Assault American Citizens Using Covert Directed-Energy “Non-Lethal” Weapons?

Source: Is the US Department of Justice Secretly Permitting Local Law Enforcement & the Military to Assault American Citizens Using Covert Directed-Energy “Non-Lethal” Weapons?

Kate Dalley/Fox News: An Open Letter To The Three FBI Agents That Killed LaVoy Finicum In Oregon

Apparently it was obvious for Kate Dalley of Fox News. This Open Letter about the Murder of Lavoy Finicum is not from an alternate media source but from Fox News. Kate Dalley/Fox News: Wrote An Open Letter To The Three FBI Agents That Killed LaVoy Finicum In Oregon. Reading this I can see that it is apparent that things unfolded contrary to the way the FBI stated.

The EveryDay Concerned Citizen

february 18 2015 kate dalley kate dalley 1 commentRe-posted from Fox News, with thanks. Thanks also to Jean Haines of Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth for posting this link. Powerful letter and plea from Kate Dalley of the Kate Dalley Show on Fox News. It’s heartening to see people speaking out from across the political and politicized spectrum, and speaking from the heart. Truly, it’s the one thing that can turn things around in this country and stop the tide of totalitarianism that seems to still be welling around us, in so many ways (speaking from the heart). Gratitude to Kate Dalley for speaking her thoughts, and expressing many of ours.


Kate Dalley: An Open Letter to the Three FBI Agents That Killed LaVoy Finicum in Oregon

I’ve thought about you. All three of you, with your guns pointed at LaVoy Finicum. The video still haunts me.

I would have been the first one to give…

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A Wake Up Call to America From State of the Nation: Mass Mind Control of Americans Through Legal Propaganda, Perception Management, and DARPA EMF Brain Modification Experiments

I believe there are more than just a few false flag operations, namely Boston bombing, 911, Sandy Hook shooting, etc … check it out.

The EveryDay Concerned Citizen

Please visit State of the Nation for the full post: False Flags are Legal Propaganda Produced by the Department of Defense

This is a tremendous article by State of the Nation that I wanted to recommend and pass on. It not merely deconstructs the false flag phenomena it initially sets out to do, it draws attention to several significant methodologies of mass control being deployed against Americans—and others—today.

These include the repressive measures permitted the DoD and the Government by the NDAA—which removes Due Process for citizens and accountability for the DoD/Government–and the many sweeping appropriations of power of various recent Executive Orders and secret Presidential Policy Directives. Those of us who have been following the NDAA and have early signed petitions against it, spoken out against it, and tried to stop it from being passed or renewed know much of this already; it is still an important…

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2016 BRAIN Initiatives: Neuro Crime, Neuro Warfare, DARPA/CIA Brain Experimentation, Neuro Ethics, and Non-Consensual Experimentees

Source: 2016 BRAIN Initiatives: Neuro Crime, Neuro Warfare, DARPA/CIA Brain Experimentation, Neuro Ethics, and Non-Consensual Experimentees

2016 BRAIN Initiatives: Neuro Crime, Neuro Warfare, DARPA/CIA Brain Experimentation, Neuro Ethics, and Non-Consensual Experimentees

Source: 2016 BRAIN Initiatives: Neuro Crime, Neuro Warfare, DARPA/CIA Brain Experimentation, Neuro Ethics, and Non-Consensual Experimentees

Twitter’s Periscope App Makes You An Amateur Photo Journalist

The Periscope app was developed for smart phones, like IPhone, IOS7.1 and now Android 4.4.

[niceyoutube id=”NIEH-S5Fmls” start=”1″]


Periscope is a live streaming video app, available for most cell phones which allows you to video LIVE coverage of any activity where it can be viewed anywhere in the world by hundreds of viewers.  Just let others know of your live video time and they can tune in to watch the live broadcast.  You will need a Twitter account so sign up to Continue reading →

NTT Torture Log for January 2016


Jan 5
6:33am I have an intense dull pain at the base of my brain now from a resonance weapon. then the second toe on my left and my left side is hurt. Usually there is a shift change at 7:00am Maybe the handler wants me to remember him, This pain between my ears kept getting more and more intense and i think it will last all day and what about brain damage? These morons are amazingly stupid. I guess i am supposed to be scared. One of the morons discovered a new torture technique. Am I supposed to be impressed.

7:45am The handler that came on at 7:00am

7:45pm I was refered to have a sleep study done due to excessive tiredness and I checked into the sleep hospital on 1/5. I was hooked up with wires and electrodes all over my head and body at 9:00pm just before going to try to sleep. As I lay in bed, I was attacked with ELF energy mainly. The attacks turned to severe at 3:00am 1/6/16 and I had to hold out until 5:30 when I was awakened. Maybe the handler realized I was not going to act out and tried to up the torture so I would break out, destroying my credibility. The torture was ELF energy ramping up in my body to the point that I was becoming rigid with pain and then backing off. This was done repeatedly and methodically. I was also given bruising pains in my back, legs and arms. I was able to hold out and I do believe the sleep study was successful even though i only slept for 21 minutes. By keeping my cool I was able to show what happens to a person under severe electronic assault will show in the study. My doctor will be given a first hand education in recognizing psychological operations (syop) attack. It will make them pause to reflect on how many of their patients are under remote electronic assault. I have had the sleep study done before when I didn’t know I was under surveillance before the torture started. I believe that I was kept awake also by remote electronic energy but was not made aware of the outside influence. So what happened to me put into effect a course of treatment that would effect me for the coming decades. Doctors will learn that their observations are influenced by external means beyond their control. Doctors have to realize that when the corporations want to influence a personal, social or political outcome then they are facing a sinister opponent with malignant intent. The operators of the psychotronic equipment will follow orders and are not inhibited morally and will exhibit the value systems of their employers. I think that “Order Follower” is a social problem because it is a learned helplessness which necessitates following one with money to pay for their sustenance.

3:26am My handler has cornered me in my bed where he is using every thing he has to hurt me. My girlfriend just accepted my marriage proposal last night.  Are they angry about that?  Now I hear a deep frequency tone rising and falling as a slow like about 0.1Hz sine wave with some higher audible frequencies.   Now my whole body stiffens like with a tens unit. Stiffffff relax…Stiffffff….. relax over and over and over at one point in the audible wave. They must have some kind of policing power, but for what end. I am being used as an experiment subject for weapons research. I am in effect a human target designated by corporations and enforced by morons. Think about this: These people are systematically taking our way of life apart to suit the corporations at the request of corporations. They do this in secret at the request of corporations. It would be embarrassing for them so is that why it is secret or is it secret because the weapons they use are worthy of secrecy protection so the military can continue their testing.  These morons are tearing their own house apart. The excuse they will give has been used before and that it is their job. What is with these people. I am calling them morons, but what other word would be appropriate. They have taken jobs hurting people for money. They work for a corporation under government contracts yet their actions are non constitutional and therefore illegal. They are using drones to close in the attack so that there is no mistake. What do you think these people are going for. In other words, what is their end game since they are in charge. logically they expect a psychotic break from me like Myron May and Aron Alexis  I am hoping that the Oregon Militia can come and reason with them.

Jan 8, 2016
9:30pm my handler again interrupts sex between me and my girlfriend. It is unknown whether he is doing an experiment or is just killing time and is bored. The men of the world will be interested to know that their sex life is so dependent on these sociopaths with psychotronic weapons. This can happen to anyone and they would never know it was done on purpose.

Jan 9. am being hurt right now at 6:34pm by neighbors at 94261 second street. My head AND brain are being injured with a resonance beam to the crown of my head. This is causing my brain to swell causing pain and inflammation.  I always wonder if I will get brain damage or a stroke this time.  This is America and I have rights as a US citizen. Are we at war and if not then why am i being attacked. Why would I be designated as a threat. I am an old man and i am living in a house with my girlfriend trying to make ends meet and yet we have to run for our lives from private contractors who chase us around like bounty hunters. They tell our neighbors that some people need to be watched. My response is that NO, no one needs to be watched. If that were the case, then they would be taken into custody and put in jail. In addition, yesterday I was having sex with my girlfriend and sex was interrupted. This happens every-time we have sex and I know what i am talking about because I have degrees in Biology, Computer science and Electronics Engineering Technology. These people have a resonance weapon that neutralizes the sex drive. They wait until what would seemly be the perfect high five moment to do this. They can interrupt sex for neighbors and anyone who they decide has slighted them in some way. They call it payback and its a big deal for them. This radiation is causing me to be depressed and have PTSD symptoms. I no longer have a love of life and a will to live. The supervisor and decision makers of Gold Beach Oregon have some soul; searching to do. This is a scourge on the American people that will place our country.

Jan 13 Wednesday
8:39pm I am getting pain in the crown of my head by a resonance beam to the crown of my head (top in back). It feels like a nail going into my brain. I suppose it is causing inflammation and swelling my brain to cause pain. its hard to imagine someone actually doing that to another person. Why would they and yet there it is. I imagine that the person has gotten drunk and is now board and going for the big high five.

pictures on my computer were destroyed by destroyed by an app that degrades targeted videos and images by some algorithm, a tiny bit at a time. NSA/CIA uses this type of dirty trick. Dont ignore corruption. The criminals are depending on that. If you see some corrupt act which you have the power to correct it or take down a criminal then do it. Dont ignore corruption. We either hang together or we will hang separately see my website for more ideas to help with activism

Jan 14
I am having induced heart attack symptoms like sick chest pains. plus headache as I have had countless times before by sociopaths looking for a good time. I think it is ELF energy. This I have received this as punishment before or is it play time by a sadist. But when they do get drunk all bets are off.   The heart attack symptoms are realistic and cannot be distinguished from a real heart attack and that is because the handlers can shut off an artery in the heart.  So the pains are due to restricted blood flow in the heart.  I have no heart disease yet so I decide not to go to the hospital  The handlers want you to go the the hospital and waste your money and time.  The energy that is causing the problem now is coming from down the hill (west), probably from 94235 apartment upstairs.  The handlers are still living there from when I lived in the house in back of that apartment.  Isnt it funny how these malignant people can turn America into the Twilight Zone by testing electromagnetic weapons on people just as instructed by a corporate stooge.  Then they simply must get some slapstick comedy with high fives inserted at intervals because the always want narcissist supply.  They may even have their Narcissist Magnet entourage  in to day as well.  This is when they have local under age and other immature mentally handicapped and borderline personality disordered women in for a visit to watch the horror show and praise the sociopaths with narcissistic supply type accolades.

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